What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is an alternative treatment that consists of directing a electromagnetic light beam to a particular area of the body for therapeutic purposes. This is a totally innocuous technique for the skin that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or causes any side effects. Laser therapy application provides several benefits in pain relief, reduction of inflammation and … Continue reading “What is Laser Therapy?”

5 Tips For Your First Sessions As A Psychotherapist

One of the most difficult moments within the professional career of psychotherapists, whether in the clinical or health field, is the realization of EPS (Supervised Professional Exercise). Keeping this in mind, you may be interested in these little tips for your first session as a Psychotherapist. These tips helps to relieve the nerves of the … Continue reading “5 Tips For Your First Sessions As A Psychotherapist”

Foot Reflexology: The 7 Points That Will Free You From Pain

Do you know that by pressing the right point on your feet you can relax? You can achieve this thanks to foot reflexology, which seeks to obtain reactive effects on specific organs, precisely by pressing specific points of a specific system found in the hands and feet where the endings of the central nervous system … Continue reading “Foot Reflexology: The 7 Points That Will Free You From Pain”