Is Laser Therapy for Foot Pain right for you?

Foot pain is a common complaint and can have many causes. Most foot ailments respond well to Laser Therapy. Many patients will receive significant pain relief after just one, 15-minute treatment.

   Is Laser Therapy for Foot Pain right for you





Benefits of Laser Therapy for Foot Pain:


  • Laser therapy can reduce inflammation, and as a result, diminish pain.

If you have bruising or inflammation on your foot, a podiatrist can use a laser to drain any swollen areas. The less inflammation you have, the less pain you will have a well. One popular laser being used to do this is called the Diowave Class IV High Power Therapeutic Laser for foot and/or ankle pain

  • Cell growth and tissue repair occur quickly with laser therapy

The use of a laser emits protons that are able to go deep down into the tissues of your foot. These protons allow cells to grow and reproduce at a fast pace, helping to heal your foot.

  • Laser therapy can fix the issue with your foot, rather than just masking it.

Too often, doctors will prescribe oral pain medication to mask the hurt you are feeling in your foot. Instead of covering up the problem, laser therapy actually corrects it. And even better news- in most cases the problem never occurs again!

  • There are no side effects associated with laser therapy.

Instead of suffering from side effects such as weight gain, moodiness, and sleepiness caused by oral pain medication, laser therapy offers a correction to your foot problem without all of the side effects.

  • Laser therapy can treat a wide variety of foot pain causes.

Whether you are suffering from pain associated with plantar fasciitis (heel pain), types of tendonitis in Achilles tendon, Posterior Tibial Tendon or Peroneal Tendons), peripheral neuropathy joint pain sprains to the foot or ankle, or inflammation – laser therapy can help you feel well again. In particular, the Diowrae 15 laser can penetrate the areas you are having a problem with much deeper than other lasers.

  • Laser therapy heals wounds on the foot faster than other treatments

Laser light is known for stimulating healing in damaged tissue. This makes it very effective on open wounds or urns on the foot.

  • Laser therapy treatment time is short

It typically only takes 10 minutes of laser therapy per foot for one treatment. Several treatments may be necessary over several weeks for optimum results. Even so, this is so much more convenient and easier than other treatments that dent work as well and may take weeks to feel any improvement.

These short, painless treatments can improve your life and get you on the fast track to feeling like yourself again.

Do you have foot and/or ankle pain? Does it hurt when you walk, or is it limiting your physical activity?

Give us a call today for a foot pain consultation to see if laser therapy for foot pain is right for you at (905) 623-8388

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Custom Orthotics and Bracing in Bowmanville

Custom Orthotics and Bracing in Bowmanville










Custom Orthotics

Many feet and ankle problems can be treated without surgery using an orthotic insert or a brace. An orthotic is a device placed in the shoe that externally modifies structure and function in order to minimize pain and correct deformity. Custom orthotics can also be made for specific shoes, sports activity, and foot type. The individual patient scan is easily done during an office visit and the custom orthotic will arrive within 10 -15 days.


Custom braces are sometimes needed to correct foot and ankle deformities. An off-the-shelf brace is often not strong enough to address certain problems (ankle instability, posterior tibial tendon insufficiency). Patients are scheduled for a specific appointment to have a mold taken of their ankle and foot. The best brace type is chosen for the patient’s individual problem and the mold is used to make the best possible brace for the patient. Most braces arrive within 2 weeks.

At Spinewise, we specialize in creating custom orthopedic braces designed to give our patients accelerated healing, exceptional support, and a revived sense of confidence when using the affected area.

Please call our office to make an appointment and start the process for your custom orthotic or bracing treatment.

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Use of Orthotics to Treat Foot Conditions

Foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored. It can lead to complex problems that can disturb the functioning of other parts of the body, including the hips, knees, and back. Foot-related problems are often treated very successfully with functional orthotic shoe inserts.

Orthotics is prescribed to:

1) Reduce pain

2) Provide support

3) Prevent or slow down the development of a foot deformity

4) Provide better positioning of the foot, knee and hips

5) Improve the overall biomechanical function of the body

Functional orthotics allows the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet and lower legs to function at their highest potential. When appropriately fabricated, orthotics can decrease pain, not only in the foot, but in other parts of the body such as the knee, hip and lower back. You can visit our website – for getting more information orthotics.

They can also increase stability in an unstable joint and prevent an early foot deformity from developing additional problems.

What you should know about orthotics

The use of functional orthotics adds a new dimension in the treatment and prevention of overuse injuries of not only the lower extremity but also of the hip and back. However, there is still misunderstanding as to what orthotics are, what they can and cannot do, along with who really needs them.

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Foot Pain – Causes and Treatments

treatments-of-foot-painThere are many different causes – they can arise from repetitive sports or training related injuries, as well as disease or other form of trauma.

Quite often the cause is a mix of all of these and also includes wearing incorrect fitting shoes, and poor stance putting strain on the feet, causing pain in side of foot, foot pain bottom of foot, pain in arch of foot, diabetes foot pain and so on.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common types:

Causes for FOOT pain:

We do not usually notice or think about them, until they complain. When you have this sort of problem, it can be caused in many ways. Such as:

1. Blisters – from wearing shoes that do not fit properly; keep clean and covered for speedy healing.
2. Bursitis – the body creates a fluid to protect and lubricate areas between muscle, tendon and bone when that area suffers injury; it can become inflamed, however, causing pain in the side of your foot.
3. Fissures – sometimes the skin by the heel gets dry, forming cracks in the skin and pain; they can bleed also.
4. Fractures – can be due to a fracture of the 5th metatarsal, if no other injury or cause is found.
5. Ganglions – sacs of fluid from a leak in the joint capsule can cause foot pain side of foot.

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Helpful Tips To Alleviate Ball of Foot Pain

foot-pain-reliefFoot Pain is one of the most difficult types of pain in the body to deal with. Because our feet are made up of a number of bones, joints, and ligaments, it turns out to be one of the most complex parts of our body. So pain in the foot can certainly be very painful and likely to cause severe discomfort on anyone.

To understand better the pain that you are facing right now, it is important that you review what might have caused it in the first place. There are a number of reasons that could lead to foot pain, so check out the possibilities below to know what options you have to significantly reduce pain.

There are many different causes – they can rise from monotonous sports or training associated injuries, as well as disease or another form of trauma.

If you are causing from foot pain then you can search for foot pain treatments in Bowmanville at

Quite often the cause is a mix of all of these and also includes wearing incorrect fitting shoes, and poor stance putting the strain on the feet, causing pain on the side of the foot, foot pain bottom of the foot, pain in the arch of the foot, diabetes foot pain and so on.

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