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SpineWise is a busy multidisciplinary clinic downtown Bowmanville, Ontario.

We have been in business for over 2 decades helping the community of Bowmanville and surrounding areas.

We offer services such as chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy and chiropody.

We direct bill to most insurance companies, we accept MVA clients and WSIB clients as well.


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How Hypnotherapy Can Heal You

How hypnotherapy can heal youHypnotherapy does not require the client to give up control. The client is ALWAYS in control, choosing to close their eyes and relax. A Hypnotherapist cannot make do anything you don’t want to. During Hypnosis most clients hear and are aware of everything going on around them. They may appear to be unaware; simply because they know they are safe and are internally focused.

Hypnotherapy is widely considered one of the safest modalities. Its effectiveness has been cited in over 3000 scientific studies & is also deregulated in many countries due to it being so safe. Almost anyone can be hypnotized if they want to be.

Hypnotherapy does not rely on being weak-minded. In fact, strong-minded people usually make the best clients because they are in control. It relies on you feeling comfortable, relaxed and safe. If someone gave you a suggestion that you disagreed with, your mind would quickly alert you, preventing any impact.

Hypnotherapy for Safe Pregnancy

Hypnotherapy has a plethora of benefits which can help both during and after pregnancy.

  • Can reduce labor time
  • Can reduce fatigue in the mother during and after birth
  • Can reduce postnatal recovery time
  • Increases the chances of babies feeding and sleeping better
  • Can help aches and discomforts during pregnancy
  • Can reduce the risk of intervention
  • Assists the natural birth process
  • Can help morning sickness
  • Can speed up post birth recovery
  • Can improve oxygen levels in mother and baby

Hypnotherapy is the treatment which will stimulate an individual to reach a state of Hypnosis. It brings about desired behavioral or attitudinal change. This is used to conduct for therapeutic reasons.

Hypnotherapy works by planting and reinforcing positive thoughts into subconscious mind. It is a natural experience that occurs to most of us each day when we become absorbed in doing something.

All your sense is awake and alert while you are in a hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapy is good for:

  • Helps in reducing Stress
  • Helps in reducing Negativity
  • Reduce Anger
  • Reduce weight issues
  • No unwanted habits
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce fears
  • Reduce phobias
  • Reduce insomnia
  • Reduce confidence
  • Reduce pain management

Hypnotherapy is an ancient healing method and a scientifically proven method used to create change in a patient while in a state of sleep, or unconsciousness, known as hypnosis.

Spinewise chiropractic clinic in Bowmanville offers Hypnotherapy treatment for stop smoking, weight loss, stress, and phobias.




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How hypnotherapy can heal you

How hypnotherapy can heal you

Hypnotherapy is a kind of psychotherapy which is used to create changes in the patient’s health while he/she is in the state of unconsciousness or sleep which is known as hypnosis state. The hypnotic state helps people to explore painful and suppressed feelings that are hidden in their conscious minds.

Once the mind is in a relaxed state, any therapeutic suggestions can have the greatest effect on attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors.

Some researchers say hypnotherapy promote particular brain wave activity that allows the patient’s mind to take in and adopt new ideas, while others suggest that hypnosis accesses the unconscious mind which is more open to new ideas than the rational conscious mind.

This change in consciousness that can often lead patients to experience things differently outside of hypnosis, such as criticism at work or home, stage fright, or even pain.

Hypnotherapy has been used to treat a wide range of conditions or unwanted behavior:

  • Phobias
  • Sleep disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Grief and loss of loved ones
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss

Look for a licensed psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professionals for Hypnotherapy treatment. Spinewise Chiropractic clinic in Bowmanville has licensed psychologists who the best level services to their patients. Contact us today.

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How Does Reiki Work?

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki is a spiritual healing art which restores balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. It is a spiritual practice which is mainly used to reduce stress and give mantle satisfaction. This is one of the powerful processes which help in healing many different types of disorders.

A practitioner channels life force energy through his or her hands onto the patient. It’s said that the spiritual guidance enables the Reiki to flow through the affected parts of the subject’s energy field and charges them with positive energy.

It raises awareness in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are contained. This causes the negative energy—such as stress, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, confusion, etc.—to loosen its grip, allowing the touch of the Reiki healer to swoop in and clarify the energy pathways.


Benefits of Reiki Treatment:

  • Promotes personal awareness
  • Enhances spiritual connection
  • Fosters natural self-healing
  • Relaxes and reduce stress
  • Balances energies in the body
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Adapt to needs of recipients

A recipient of Reiki treatment may come across an ample variety of feelings during a Reiki treatment such as mild tingling, heat, cold, observe visual vibrations, or may not experience anything at all. All treatments are unique and the experience is different for different people.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that is completely secure and can be followed with customary medicinal cures.

Spinewise, Reiki Healing Clinic in Bowmanville is a top company in the category Reiki Healing Centers. Visit Now.

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What is a Nutritional consultation?

What is a Nutritional consultation?

A balanced nutritional life not only allows you to feel good on the inside but also on the outside. Many people struggle with their weight or simply want to improve their diet for one reason or another.

Most people don’t have all the necessary nutritional education to make informed decisions about their diet, especially without doing a bit of research first. That is why more and more people are turning to diet consultation.

A nutritional consultation involves building a detailed picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history, and any concerns patient may have about his/her health. With this information, the nutritionist works together to form an eating plan that suits the patient’s needs his /her lifestyle and daily commitments.

Nutritionist help patient to identify and avoid unnecessary or harmful foods and enjoy an abundance of wonderful food that makes the patient feel good physically as well as mentally. A patient will also be advised on which vitamin and mineral supplements are best to top up the goodness of patient food to provide complete nutrition. It is like to work closely with a trained nutritionist to improve the food habits that you eat.

To know more about the benefits of nutritional consultation visit

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