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Want to Understand Chiropractic?

Then be aware of these 7 principles:

Your body is under the control of the brain and nervous system as long as you are alive.

Your brain is protected by the skull, and your spinal cord is protected by the spinal column.

Spinal bones move out of normal alignment and interrupt your normal nerve flow.

This disruption of normal nerve flow is referred to as a vertebral subluxation.

It is vital to know that subluxations can be silent; causing problems long before symptoms occur.

Chiropractors find subluxations, and by preforming a spinal adjustment, facilitate a return of normal nerve supply.

Normal nerve supply results in a greater expression of LIFE for you!

*Based on an article by Robert Crystal, DC.

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We offer services such as chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy and chiropody.

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Numbness and Tingling Symptoms

Numbness and Tingling SymptomsThe tingling and numbness feeling in feet and hands are a warning sign. Your few minutes spend here can save thousands of bucks on the treatment of chronic nerve complication of extremities.

• Do you often wake up with tingling in your lower extremities?
• Does your leg or feet tingle almost every time whenever you sit down?
• Do you often criticize of sleeping feet and hands?

For knowing all these questions, you have to look for best doctors in Bowmanville.
Few other names of this tingling and numbness symptoms are

1. Restless leg syndrome
2. Sensory loss
3. Paresthesias
4. Loss of sensation
5. Neuropathy

Numbness symptoms are the result of damage to the body nerves. Unfortunately if you are at an increased risk of diabetes because of your weight or family history it is good to check for the given cautioning diabetic symptoms from time to time.

1. Frequent tingling
2. Constant numb feet
3. Frequent urination
4. Extreme thirst
5. Hunger specially soon after eating
6. Tiredness
7. Irritable behaviors
8. Unexplained weight loss

Leg numbness is one of the neurological symptoms often related with sciatica. Unfortunately, many numbness conditions tend to either defy diagnosis or are misidentified as to the actual causative condition sourcing the symptoms.

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