What Corporate Wellness Programs Do?

Corporate Wellness ProgramsCorporate Wellness Programs are a proven way to help retain top performers. It’s a perfect way to improve employee’s health and productivity. Its goal is to create a culture where employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle, rather than being forced to do so.

Many corporate offices, factories large corporations and also in small corporations uses corporate wellness. This program can improve health and fitness of employees, improves their morale and increase productivity in the workplace as well. These programs encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles and take steps to prevent illness or disease from starting or getting worse.

As a leader in providing Corporate Wellness Programs in Bowmansville, we at Spinewise Clinic offers the ultimate in providing convenience to your workforce, complete with state-of-the-art equipment. Corporate Wellness programs can last anywhere from one month to one year and may include weekly workshops, fitness challenges, nutrition classes, weight loss contests, break room makeovers, and individual health consultations.

During Corporate Wellness Programs Benefits:

  • Fewer staff sick days and lower health care costs
  • Improved morale, greater self-esteem, and lower stress levels
  • Greater concentration and work focus
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Greater staff retention

Contact Spinewise Chiropractic clinic in Bowmanville today and boost the performance of your corporate employee.

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Spinal Decompression: Is It Right for You?

Spinal Decompression TreatmentSpinal Decompression is a successful chiropractic treatment and perfect solution for the treatment of lower back pain, neck pain, disc problems, and sciatica. It’s also very effective therapy for treating bulging discs, herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, radiating arm pain, headaches, and facet syndrome.

Most chiropractors here in Bowmanville use modern non-surgical computerized mechanized machines that assist the chiropractor in treating this condition. Once you lie down on the decompression table, the machine does all the work. Non-invasive decompression reduces pressure on the vertebral joints and retracts the herniated discs.

Non-invasive decompression reduces pressure on the vertebral joints and retracts the herniated discs. The rest is left to the body’s inherent capacity to self-heal. You wouldn’t feel any pain and your back will have a sense of feeling like it has a new lease on. As compared to surgical procedures, spinal decompression is safer and cost-effective.

We at Spinewise Chiropractic clinic in Bowmanville offers computerized chiropractic treatment for Spinal Decompression. The patient enjoys the treatment that is more effective as well as more comfortable than ever before. Whether your problem is headaches, back pain, muscular tension, or pain following an accident or injury, our team is committed to finding the solution you need.

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Corporate Wellness Programs: The Ultimate Guide

A corporate wellness program can improve employee’s health and productivity, and contain health care costs. Plus, corporate wellnesses are proven to help retain top performers. Spinewise says wellness can change everything.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Spinewise medical clinic Corporate Wellness Programs is an initiative to enhance wellness and overall productivity of each corporation. We know that for any organization healthy employees are the greatest asset. We believe in results. Our program guarantees result if followed correctly. Our experts handed over a complete health profile and diet plan to every individual after evaluating the corporate group profile.

Spinewise provides a series of counseling sessions to facilitate the Corporate in making the lifestyle corrections and implementing the prescribed corrective action plans.

Our Corporate Wellness Program includes:

  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Dependency Management
  • Consulting a General Physician
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Stress Management

Along with above, some specialized programs we offer:

  • The Quit Tobacco and Smoking Program
  • The Alcohol Dependency Management Program

The entire process was a huge success in terms of promoting the concept of better health for Corporate. Our program changes employee’s behavior and reduces health risks. We have a team of professionals who are experts in their work.

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Massage therapy in nowadays becoming popular health care option. Massage therapy is the most utilized paramedical extended health benefit, behind only dental and vision care, with over 50% using it to treat a diagnosed condition or injury.


Massage is essential to eliminate or reduce pain and therefore improve the quality of life of the patient. In addition to its great benefits, massage allows the patient to establish a trust towards their physiotherapist, helping to perform an effective treatment in a relaxed environment.

There are many types of massages that use different maneuvers; each one has characteristics that distinguish them in terms of their technique, indications, contraindications and physiological effects.

Massage therapy should be provided by a Registered Massage Therapist. A massage business can be lucrative for an entrepreneur and provide the opportunity to work independently or with a health professional, such as an orthopedist or chiropractor. Masseur can offer various services, such as therapeutic massage, sports and the like. One advantage of opening a massage business is being able to accept insurance payments as well as payments from individuals.

Benefits of registered massage therapy

  • Reducing or eliminating pain.
  • Improving joint mobility.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Improving lymphatic drainage.
  • Reducing muscular tension.

Looking for a Registered Massage Therapist?

Massage therapy is a Regulated Health Profession in Bowmanville. Massage Therapy should only be performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Spinewise medical clinic provides excellent massage therapy treatment in Bowmanville.

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What does Hypnotherapy helps?

Hypnotherapy is used to help people cure ailments or to treat mental issues. This therapy is not a quick fix. It takes 4-6 sessions with the hypnotherapist followed by self-hypnosis. Basically, it is a natural and safe practice.

Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of problems that include habits, phobias, emotional and performance related issues, confidence, self-esteem, stress, and anxiety.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

  • Insomnia: The most common cause of insomnia is stress and anxiety.
  • Weight Loss: Hypnotherapy has fantastic results with weight loss. It teaches you a new way of thinking. With hypnosis and the new positive changes in your life, you will be focused on how you want to look and feel and the gym will be a positive activity, not a chore.
  • Confidence: It helps to develop confidence and to increase motivation which is crucial in life, no matter what you aim to do.
  • Depression: Let’s understand it. Learn how it affects us mentally and learns how to cope better and even overcome it with hypnotherapy.
  • Stress & Anxiety: It affects us every day of our lives. We can’t get away from it but hypnotherapy can help us to learn how to cope better with situations.
  • 70% of all smokers are keen to give up. Quit today.
  • Quit Smoking: 70% of all smokers are keen to give up.

Hypnotherapy is a very quick and effective method and never creates any side effects to the body.


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