What is Work Injury Rehabilitation

Work injury rehabilitation means helping an injured worker back to safe and suitable work at the earliest possible time. It’s about finding the best ways for the worker to keep their valuable work skills with the aim to return to the job they had before their injury or another suitable job. If the worker is unable to return to their pre-injury job soon after their injury, a suitable duties program is developed to help the worker return to work safely over a period of time.

What is Work Injury Rehabilitation











Work injury rehabilitation may involve:

  • a suitable duties program
  • on-the-job training to acquire new job skills
  • Special assistance for severely injured workers.

Work injury rehabilitation can reduce the social and financial cost of the workplace injury to the worker, employer, and the Bowmanville community. But most importantly, it helps injured workers get back to work.

What should employers and workers do?

An employer must take all reasonable steps to assist or provide an injured worker with rehabilitation for the period for which the worker is entitled to compensation.

What are the benefits?

Workplace rehabilitation helps both injured workers and employers.

Work Injury Rehabilitation Programs at Spinewise Clinic are well structured and goal-oriented programs designed to help you identify work capacities, regain functional skills and return to work after an injury.

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Tips for Work Injuries

Tips-Work InjuriesThere are athletes who prefer alternative treatments like the ones offered by chiropractors for sports injuries for a number of reasons. Firstly, they prefer a more natural way for injury treatment. Second, alternative treatments are non-surgical and therefore the potential risk is low.

And third, in most cases, treatments from chiropractors are cheaper when compared to traditional treatment procedures offered by mainstream doctors.

Alternative treatments from chiropractic doctors

If you visit a chiropractic clinic these days, you will notice that they offer wide selections of sports injury alternative treatments for sports injuries – or even injuries we acquired in our daily lives – designed for different purposes. Spinewise offer best services and treatments, so you can call on (905) 623-8388 for Work Injury Treatment in Bowmanville.

Active Release Technique (ART) – non-invasive, very safe, has no side effects, and is considered to be one alternative that has a record of producing effective results. With the use of this technique, chiropractors give their patients specific exercises, postural recommendations, and lecture about the mechanism of injury that will help avoid it in the future.

Effective and skilled home prescribing can go far beyond treating mild injuries. The potential of doing well comes down to just how powerful and effective homeopathy is, as well as your services to harness this power.

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Work Injury Rehabilitation for Knee Joint Injuries

Work_Injury_RehabilitationThere are two main types of knee joint injury; acute and chronic. Acute injuries occur in an instant (e.g. bone fracture) and chronic injuries (e.g. stress fractures and tendinitis) occur over a period of time and are usually classified as misuse injuries. Here we are mainly addressing acute injuries. They may vary in severity from mild to moderate and severe.

Dr. Amit Sharda is a personal performance enhancement coach and certified personal trainer for work injury rehabilitation in Bowmanville and will help you to feel and look fantastic in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Sprains (an injury to ligaments that connect bone to bone) and strains (an injury to tendons that connect bone to muscle) may also be classified as first degree (least severe with mild stretching) to second degree and third degree (most severe with complete rupture). Hence, for example, the expression knee strain is often used when in fact it is a knee sprain because it really involves ligament damage.

The knee is stabilised and supported by four main ligaments. The medial collateral ligament (mcl) spans the medial side (inside) of each knee and prevents the knee joint opening up when a force is applied to the outside of the knee (e.g. due to a football tackle). At the centre of the knee joint are two ligaments that form a cross or cruciate ligament arrangement.

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Work Injuries – Causes And Treatments at Spinewise

accident-at-work-claimWorkplace health and safety and working circumstances have improved significantly over the years. But, accidents taking place at work affect a large number of employees. There are many different types of accidents which occur in workplaces and they mostly occur due to the negligence of the employers.

Work accidents are quite common and they can occur within any occupation. Usually, work accidents result in minor injuries, but there are times, when the injury is severe and the consequences are devastating. You can also visit http://www.spinewise.ca/work-injury-rehabilitation-wsib/ for Work Injury treatment in Bowmanville.

Workplace health and safety and working conditions have improved significantly over the years. But, accidents taking place at work affect a large number of employees. There are many different types of accidents which occur in workplaces and they mostly occur due to the negligence of the employers.

No matter which industry you work in, there are always risks of workplace accidents. If you have been injured in a work related accident, you may be eligible to put up a work injury claim.

Any part of the body may be damaged in a workplace accident. The back is especially prone to injuries, ranging from mild soft tissue sprains to fractured or crushed vertebrae. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord, which itself controls all movement and sensation in the human body.

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Heavy Work Accident Injuries

work-accident-injuriesThe workplace is meant to be a place where persons can go to safely perform their job duties. Even though some works are inherently dangerous, firms are tasked with maintaining as safe of a workplace as is reasonably possible. This regularly means following standard safety guidelines and regulations.

Unfortunately, many employers fail to hold up their ends of the bargain, which means that employees may be placed in harm’s way, which may lead to their untimely death or heavy work accident injuries. Failing to provide a safe workplace is a form of employee carelessness, and it occurs when an employer:

• Hires unqualified workers
• Does not provide require safety equipment
• Fails to properly train individuals
• Fails to employ proper supervision or management
• Does not have equipment regularly maintained

There are also common workplace accidents through heavy lifting. Companies whose job descriptions include heavy lifting should run safety and training videos upon the employees’ induction and on a regular basis to refresh their memory.

The types of workplace accidents that cause an individual to die vary by profession. For example, a public transportation worker may die in an accident because the vehicle he or she drove was poorly maintained, or a construction worker may die from a high fall because of the faulty platform.

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