4 Top Different Styles Of Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is the medical art of using various massage strokes on different parts of the human body to condition it and enhance its healing ability. Massage therapy is commonly used for its medical advantages and relaxation functions.


There are many benefits of massage. Different cultures around the world rely on massage therapy to rid them of aches and pains-all that ails them.


1. Swedish massage- A popular western style massage therapy that uses light, smooth strokes on the patient’s body. This is a good choice if the patient is after a relaxing and comfortable therapeutic massage where he can sleep during the whole duration of the massage session.


2. Reflexology- Relaxology is known as massage therapy that can reduce the stresses and frustrations. It can also be beneficial for people who have foot pain and are on their feet frequently because of work or extracurricular activities.


3. Deep tissue massage – It is a best massage technique that uses slow but deep strokes across the muscle grain to relieve stress in your body. This type of therapy is highly beneficial for the contracted tissue muscles around the neck, lower back and shoulders.


4. Shiatsu- this is a form of Japanese massage that focuses on pressure points on the body. The intended effect is to promote healing, aid in recovery, and improve the overall wellness of the body.


There are number of other types of massage therapy-these are some of the most common. Always speak to your physician before going to see a massage therapist.



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