8 Headache Prevention Tips

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A headache is not a disease, but may be indicative of other underlying problems. Headaches are a complicated subject because there are many different headache types and there are often many factors involved in their development.

The most common types of headaches that people in their teens and early twenties have are tension headaches and migraines.

Consider some of the causes of headaches?

The greater part of headaches are non-malignant along with self-limiting. Some common causes of headaches are reportedly tension, migraine, eye strain, dehydration, low glucose levels, hyper mastication and sinusitis. Moreover, we have some very rare headaches that are a consequence of some life-threatening conditions like meningitis, encephalitis, cerebral aneurysms, exceedingly high blood pressure, and human brain tumors. If a head injury is the reason a headache then the reason is generally quite evident. In women, a large proportion of headaches are caused by their ever-fluctuating estrogen levels during the menstrual years.

8 Headache Prevention Tips:

1. Improve your posture
2. Stop smoking
3. Exercise regularly
4. Regular sleep pattern
5. Reduce stress
6. Avoid medication overuse
7. Don’t skip meals
8. Visit your chiropractor

Headache prevention is less painful than dealing with a headache, so make changes today to prevent a headache tomorrow. Staying active will also cause your headaches to decline, as every time you are getting that blood flowing you are improving your circulation and that is excellent for headache prevention.


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