A Quick Guide To Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is the hands on manipulation of muscle tissues, skin, tendons, ligaments and membranes of the body to develop, maintain, restore or augment physical functions, alleviate pain or prevent physical dysfunction.


Massage therapy has many benefits and can help a wide range of the population. Massage can be particularly beneficial after a trauma ,such as whiplash variety injury, which can occur from a vehicle accident, fall or other mechanism of injury.


Typically Massage therapy can benefit in most stages of healing after such trauma, whether acute, sub acute or chronic.


Massage is vital for our physical, emotional and spiritual well­being. It is beneficial for all of us throughout the various stages of life.


Massage in the workplace reduces stress and tension, relieves muscular and joint problems, banish insomnia, increases alertness and work performance and raises staff morale so that we are positive and motivated.


Massage can help a woman throughout the tremendous physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and prepares her for childbirth. It provides a gentle strategy to relieve the minor discomforts associated with pregnancy without undesirable side outcomes.


In later life massage is a wonderful way of enhancing the total well being. The pain, stiffness and not enough mobility that accompanies arthritis and rheumatism is usually considerably reduced. The flexibility of muscles and joints, improves. Circulation is stimulated and toxins are usually cleansed from, the system far more efficiently. The texture and tone of the skin improve, digestion and elimination are more effective, and depression and anxiety are much less prevalent.



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