A Quick Guide To Reflexology


A Quick Guide To Reflexology

integrative-reflexology-footA reflexologist is aindividual who performs the art of reflexology. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure at specific pressure points on the hands and feet to promote the natural healing of the body. Reflexologist at SpineWise believes that specific points in the hands and feet are connected to all the major organs in the body by energy pathways.

Reflexology deals with specific reflex points situated in our hands and feet that correspond to other glands, organs and systems in our body. It is not like a foot massage which is just a massage of the feet but focuses on the pressure areas/points.

Moreover, these reflex points are deep and even the angle with which they are hit are important. Reflexologists hit these reflex areas at precise and exact angles with appropriate pressure, making it more than just a foot massage.

Reflexology is beneficial in 3 ways:

• Tension and stress is relieved
• Nerve and blood circulation is improved. (Stress is a tourniquet cutting off the supply of blood to body organs. When stress is removed the blood supply is enhanced.)
• The body regulates itself. Homeostasis is maintained.

Today there is a lot of interest generated around reflexology and its effects on the health and well-being of the human body. This gentle, alternate and non-invasive treatment is said to be extremely beneficial as it encourages and helps the body to heal naturally.