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Acupuncture Clinic in Bowmanville

The activity of acupuncture is believed to be alternative for the medical treatment. While in the state of United States, it is considered more as the alternative medicine. It is widely known and used in the whole world. It is also commonly practiced in the Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture clinic in bowmanville is there by the name of Spinewise.

The good thing about acupuncture is that it is the part of the china’s medical system from the year of 1930. While most of the people believe that the activity involves inserting of the needles in the areas where the pain is, but acupuncture is more than needle insertion. Instead there are varieties of the activity. The most common ones are:

  1. The traditional Chinese medicine one– In this type there is not just needles, but also the burning of the Chinese medicinal herbs. It is considered to be the holistic approach towards medicine under which the treatment is of the whole person is done and not only the body. Under this the herbs used along with the therapy are used for strengthening the body and can be vital in stopping bleeding, fighting cold and much more.
  2. The classical approach– This is the most common thought one. It is also known as the five element acupuncture and uses only the needles. It is also referred as the classical one as it corresponds to the fight seasons. Apart from corresponding to the seasons, they also relate to the five elements in person’s body.
  3. The Japanese acupuncture– This type uses the same line as that of classical, but involves the smaller needles. It basically focuses on more precision and efficient techniques.
  4. The electrical approach– In this approach the traditional method is combined with the low electric current running across needles. The meridians used by it are the same as classical types, but these use small device that clips unto the needles. Unlike Japanese type this one is not so precise.
  5. The medical type– This is very similar to the classic type and is performed by a licensed doctor.
  6. The Auricular acupuncture– This one is unique and it treats the whole body. The acupuncturist pinpoints certain nerves found in the ear which relates to other body parts for helping the healing process.

So, if you are in search of best acupuncture clinic names then your search stops at Spinewise. It is the best  place for the activity.


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