Acupuncture Techniques and Infertility

acupuncture & infertilityAcupuncture is the technique of fine needles being inserted and operated at exact points of the body where you feel pain. It is used to lighten the pain related to many types of medical disorders.

It works by stimulating the central nervous system that controls the blood pressure. Endorphins that take hold of the pain are released as well as neurotransmitters and neurohormones, which give a general feeling of wellbeing and act as a healing agent for the body.

Acupuncture specific therapy has been popular for many years. Spinewise offers best acupuncture treatment for infertility. Call us on 9056238388 and schedule an appointment for acupuncture for infertility treatments in Bowmanville.

Acupuncture, together with other infertility treatments is often used to treat an imbalance of body hormones. When the flow of blood to the energetic organs is increased due to acupuncture, hormone levels can be controlled successfully and the ovarian and follicular functions are also improved.

With the use of acupuncture technique, blood flow to the endometrium can be increased resulting with a thick and rich lining being easily created.

The results of having acupuncture during the transference of the embryo in the IVF process have proven to be more successful than without resulting in more pregnancies generally.


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