Acupuncture Treatment in Bowmanville – Getting Pregnant After Age 35


At the very least 25% of women are getting pregnant after age 35. The reasons are women have an overabundance choice today and take advantage of it. They build reputable careers, travel and run their unique businesses. They also get married later and may meet a new partner who wants to start a family after the divorce process.

We know that getting pregnant after 35 has its hurdles so what can be done to make the odds of having a baby more in your favor?
The main reason a woman’s eggs decline in quality is because of oxidative damage which can deterioration a woman’s cells and reproductive eggs. This can be caused by exposure to toxins from foodstuff, drink and their environment. It’s also due to stress and sickness. The older a woman gets, the more toxins she is likely to have stored in her human body. This can mean the egg may not divide properly or have the chromosome missing.

Age Pregnancy Treatment Option

Acupuncture an ancient treatment can improve egg quality by clearing the blockages in the body where there is a build up of toxins. It also works to send a constant supply of fresh oxygenated blood to the ovaries so the egg can be bathed in nutrition.

Five natural ways in which you can enormously improve your chances of conception:

1. Avoid toxic substances
2. Exercise
3. Sleep and relaxation
4. A balanced diet
5. Your home environment

NOTE – A decline in your fertility seriously isn’t necessarily connected to your age. It is about how you have and continue to look after yourself. If you are able to cleanse your reproductive system of most impurities it can pave the way for better egg quality and conception after 35.


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