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Acute Low Back Pain | Spinewise

Acute Low Back Pain

Types of back pain.

1. Acute
2. Chronic

Acute low back pain comes on rapidly and usually rapidly leaves.

Chronic low back pain, however, can be responsible for aches and pains that last throughout your lifetime and it is the chronic back pain that lessens the quality of life for anyone who suffers from it.

Acute low back pain is not as serious as chronic low back pain is, but the pain itself can be just as severe even though it’s shorter in duration. If you have acute low back pain, you should begin treatment as soon as possible.

Acute low back pain can develop overnight, or it can come on instantly if you bend the wrong way or lift something that’s too heavy. Most of the time, acute back pain happens because we overwork our backs in some way.

Most people don’t want to go see a doctor, true. In fact, many will avoid it for as long as they possibly can. However, if you don’t see any improvement after this amount of time, you should see your chiropractor.

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Patients with acute low back pain are treated with a package of care, including advice on activity and lifestyle, manipulation and/or mobilisation, soft tissue therapies and psychosocial intervention aimed at resolving cognitive barriers to recovery. Chiropractors have a lot of patients that come in with such pain. They may also use therapeutic modalities to lessen this type of pain.