Learn About the Advantages of Hand Reflexology


Learn About the Advantages of Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is the systematic treatment of pressure applied to the body in specific zones or areas that reflect and influence other parts, organs or systems of the body. These areas contain reflexes that can relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and help the body maintain homeostasis every treatment.

These reflexes can be related to the brain, the sinuses, the neck, the lungs, the liver, the back, the knees, the diaphragm, and many other body parts.

Reflexology has become more popular in recent years with the more research produced in support of many benefits of reflexology treatments. Conditions such as constipation, dyspepsia, poor sleep, impotence, menopause, migraine, pain, sinusitis, toothache, and more have all been shown to benefit from reflexology treatment.

Is Reflexology safe?

Reflexology safe to practice on persons of all ages, including children and seniors, and regular sessions have been known to assist in various chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, addictions, terminally ill, and obesity.

What is reflexology?

Many people are interested in trying this form of alternative medicine, but they also would like to be familiar with the principles of reflexology before embarking on their journey of healing and well-being. Today we will be looking at a brief overview of reflexology, and how hand reflexology may help you in your life.