Advice for New Moms!

Healthy advice for new moms

It is vital for new mothers to have a healthy approach when it comes to nutrition. One of the best and simplest tips for new moms is just to eat on a regular basis. Five or six little meals per day is the best way, rather than just havingbaby the standard three, with supplies of fruit such as bananas, pears and apples kept on hand for the occasional quick fix.

New moms also need to make sure that every meal they consume includes a good proportion of protein as this helps to balance and heal the body after childbirth and balance your blood sugar levels. The likes of beans, chicken, eggs, fish, lean meat and pulses can do wonders to keep you nourished, along with various sources of complex carbohydrates.

If you enjoy rice it is also a good idea to swap rice for brown, red camargue and wild rice as it provides more long lasting energy thanks to the presence of lots of minerals and B vitamins


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