All About Computerized Chiropractic Equipment

Advanced Computerized ChiropracticThe computerized tables are non-surgical devices that relieve back and neck pain which is caused by pressure put on the spine. The table stretches pulls and relaxes the different parts of the spine.

Old chiropractic machines would sometimes pull too quickly and cause uncomfortable or ineffective pain relief. The computerized table, however, is slow and can be controlled much easier than its ancestors. The patient is strapped into this machine and it will slowly reach enough tension or “pull” that the pressure on the disc will be released.

The machine decreases the pull in smaller and smaller increments to release all of the pressure without harming the patient. The reasons for spinal decompression include regaining normal length and alignment of the spinal cord, to lessen or eliminate muscle spasms, and to relieve pressure on nerves (especially spinal).

Computerized chiropractic instrument is designed to improve balance, increase agility, and develop muscle tone. This system allows for patients to do training in both static and dynamic formats. Among the wide variety of training methods this system offers are, postural stability training, maze control training, weight shifting training, random control training, limits of stability training, and percentage weight bearing training.


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