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What is this system all about and where is it located?

The nervous system relies on a high-speed communications network to alert the brain to information that affects all areas of the body. The nervous system has the full attention of the brain and the brain responds. The responses can be the result of pain, enjoyment or other sensory data.

The nervous system can then be divided into three parts the first one is central nervous system that includes the brain and spinal cord, second is peripheral nervous system that includes all the nerves radiating away from the CNS and the third is ANS which regulates the body’s involuntary functions.

Why does it seem that this system isn’t always working up to par. Generally it’s because there has been some kind of interference with the system. Whether it is an illness, accident or environmentally caused interference with the body’s normal communication lines the nerves. Herbs can help in repairing and reducing the ill effects. Spinal column misalignments which can also cause nerve interference and health problems that can be greatly alleviated by seeing a good chiropractor as long as there is no spinal column damage. For more information, visit

The system when working properly controls all the bodily functions in a harmonious fashion. The nerves transmitting electrical impulses from the brain to all the organs of the body so that they can function properly and the sensory organs transmitting back to the brain the sensory stimuli they have received whether it is from the eyes, nose or skin.

The body’s nervous system is an intricate method that relies on a logical series of events to trigger an appropriate body response. Without this system we could not exist.


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