All About Spinal Decompression Therapy


All About Spinal Decompression Therapy

spinal-decompression-benefitsSpinal decompression therapy is meant for patients suffering from back pain due to herniated disc for more than four weeks. Those having recurring back pain even after back surgery, which is more than six months old, can also make use of spinal decompression therapy.

To get more information about spinal decompression therapy bowmanville, consult SpineWise Clinic that offers all types of health services. Most everyone will experience compression of the spinal bone and vertebrae system due to gravity, as they get older.

This mechanism ultimately results in muscle imbalances that create poor posture and may result in herniated or bulging discs that result in pinched nerves that cause back pain symptoms. Spinal decompression occurs when your body is placed in an inverted position (hence Inversion Therapy), or any stretching exercise or mechanism, that relieves the pressure on the spinal system.

The most common form of achieving self-induced spinal decompression is by using an “inversion table” at home. A lesser scaled-down back stretching program can be accomplished using the Nubax Trio decompression device.

Spinal decompression works by gently pulling apart the nerves and discs that are compacted in the spinal column (and are therefore causing the pain.) Pinched nerves and compacted discs are some of the most common injuries involving the back and the neck, and the goal of non-surgical spinal decompression is to resolve this problem.