Are There Any Clinic Using The Bioflex System In My Area?

BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems

SpineWise bowmanville clinic is using the BioFlex Professional System. It has been used for the past fifteen years by professional sports athletes and people of all ages. With the BioFlex system we now achieve results that we did not think were possible…and many of our patients, who are now living pain free, would agree!

What is BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems?

Laser Therapy, also referred to as Cold Laser or Low Level Laser or Light Therapy (LLLT), has clinically been proven to be an effective treatment for a broad range of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, soft tissue damage, and sport injuries. For more info, please visit

Why to Use the BioFlex Laser Therapy System ?

– The BioFlex Laser system integrates both LED and Laser light into one system, while most other systems use either Laser light or LED light, but not both. It has Laser Light and LED light components as part of an integrated approach to light therapy, thus giving us the best of both technologies.

– There is very wide agreement in the industry about the light wavelengths most beneficial to healing.

– The BioFlex laser therapy technology was created, tested and proven in a large laser clinic environment over many years.

– It is a very flexible system, allowing us to continually adapt the latest scientific research and most modern and best treatment methods into our practice.


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