Arm and Shoulder Pain Treatment

Arm and Shoulder PainArm pain can start in the bones and joints or it can arise in the nerves – due to pressure from a disc or a worn area of the bones around the facet joints. Sometimes nerve root pain starts suddenly and dramatically, but at other times it is just arise in a slow and grumbly way – gradually becoming more and more intrusive into the person’s life.

Sometimes your doctor will find no clear reason for this neural pain – other times a scan or an x-ray will identify the cause of the problem. If you are looking for arm and shoulder pain treatments, then you can visit us through

Certain situations are more likely to trigger a neck pain problem. Moving the head back quickly or twisting the neck causes nipping on the nerve root. This can result in injury to the nerve and we often see this in sport or road traffic injury.

Burning or stinging pains start with a sharp and sudden twist while the shoulder is flexed forward. This often causes immediate burning or pain down the arm and in sports is referred to as a stinger or a burner. It is often seen in contact sports like rugby or football. Chiropractors provide treatment that helps the body to heal itself.


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