Available Options In Spinal Stenosis Treatment

spinal-stenosis-treatmentSpinal stenosis is a progressive and painful ailment caused by a contraction of the spinal canal. As the patient’s spinal canal becomes thinner and thinner, it places pressure on the delicate nerves of the back, often in the neck or lower-back area.

The result is a mixture of symptoms that range from temperately uncomfortable to terribly painful. These can include cramping, numbness, or pain in the back,neck, legs arms or shoulders.

Those who suffer from spinal stenosis also experience weakness of all. All cases symptoms are worse when the patient is standing upright, and may lessen when they sit down or lean forward. Do not worry who are suffering from this condition. You can get the best Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Bowmanville.

The causes of this disorder are usually age related, though there are some losses that have inherited abnormalities of the spine that can create or hasten the narrowing of the spinal canal. For the most part, as folks age their spinal discs become shrink and drier. In combination with arthritic situations in the spine, the result is the pinching or pressure on the nerves that describes spinal stenosis.

The usual treatment of the condition begins with pain prescription, steroid injections, and life changes. While these treatments can be helpful in the early stages of the disease, they do not “remedy” spinal stenosis.


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