Back Pain At Work| Causes & Solutions

Back Pain At Work|If you have injured yourself at work it’s important to immediately notify your supervisor and fill out an accident report. Some people have specific incidents or accidents that form a clear starting point for a period of back problems and pain.

if you spend a large amount of time sitting, your body has to adapt itself to that position. the way you sit, whether it’s hunched over, upright, slumped has an effect on your back. if your pain lasts more than 72 hours and is interfering in your ability to work see your doctor as soon as possible. For more FREE information, Click here:

Avoid back pain at work

1. Make sure your chair gives you proper support.
2. Take frequent breaks
3. Take a walk at lunch
4. Try some simple stretching exercises

It’s critical to learn all you can about looking after it and to learn how to help it heal if you do have back problems. Curing your back pain at work is your responsibility. However if the pain persists see your doctor.

So how do you lose the pain and get on with your life?

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