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backpain_solutionBack pain is one of the leading problems in the Bowmanville for many people and for this they have to visit their doctors. Back pain can be very agonizing. It can be caused by a large variety of injuries or conditions, such as:

* Large nerve roots extending to arms and legs may be irritated
* Lower back muscles may be strained
* Discs between the vertebrae may be injured
* Joints, ligaments or even bones may be injured
* Smaller nerves that supply the lower back spine may be irritated

Back pain is usually classified into two categories, acute back pain and chronic back pain. Acute pain refers to sudden pain, the type of pain that trauma and injury would bring on. Acute pain is short-term pain, lasting no longer than a few months. Chronic pain refers to long-term pain that has lasted 3 months or longer. Chronic pain can be the result of injury, medical conditions, disease or brought on by you.

Dr. Amit Sharda is a certified and skilled chiropractor that developed the Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems. If you are looking for best places for treatment then best back pain treatment in Bowmanville at

The common goals of treatment are to relieve back pain and to restore mobility. Treatment varies depending on the severity and type of injury. The most common and basic treatment used for strains or minor injury is Rest.


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