Back Pain, Sciatica and Pregnancy

Sciatica and Pregnancy PainThe back pain is complex that includes neck pain, back pain and sciatica because it is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy. The spine is made up of two secondary and two primary curvatures. The secondary curvature of the lumbar area and it is most affected area during pregnancy.

The lumbar curvature, recognized after birth and responsible for our ability to walk upright, comes under marvelous pressure during pregnancy. Back pain is quite common during pregnancy in Bowmanville with as many as 80% of all women experiencing neck pain, back pain and/or sciatica in changing degrees.

The back pain is expressed from mild to acute pain and may become chronic if not properly treated. We will discuss some of the details why back pain is so predominant during pregnancy in Bowmanville and offer a few solutions, as well. You can find pregnancy pain treatment in Bowmanville from the web.

During pregnancy the body creates a number of hormones, some in much higher numbers than typically found. One of the major hormones having the most affected impact during pregnancy is called Relaxin. Relaxin’s function it is to make the ligaments related with birth, and the pelvis aperture itself, softer and more flexible.


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