Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage!

Pregnancy Massage

When massage a pregnant woman it is very important that the practitioner have knowledge of pregnancy and the anatomy, as positioning during a massage is a critical factor to the safety of both mother and baby. A woman’s body goes through many structural, physiological and psychological changes during the course of the pregnancy.

The main benefits of regular safe and effective mama massages are:

1. Relief of pain
2. Relief of headaches and possibly nausea
3. Better bonding between mother and baby
4. Improved immune system for mother and baby
5. Better sleep
6. Improved circulation for mother and baby
7. A more relaxed attitude towards giving birth, and thus better birth outcomes
8. A healthier and calmer baby of good weight
9. Improved skin condition
10. Improved chances of carry the baby to full-term

This therapy reduces the risks of stress from physical and emotional factors affecting the patient that usually results to miscarriage or unhealthy pregnancy. It is important that a pregnancy massage is taken from a certified pregnancy massage therapist who is experienced in all the changes through the trimesters and know what can be done and what cant and when it can be done.

A pregnancy massage has the ability to provide the mother to be with relief and different benefits. A good pregnancy massage brings wonderful benefits to a mother. These include maintaining proper posture, reducing swelling of hands and feet and reduction of insomnia. Pregnancy can be a time of stress. You are constantly worrying about the act of giving birth, your body, your child’s health, being a parent, etc. Pregnancy massage can help you work your frustrations out, and treating yourself to one is a good idea.


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