Best Chiropractic Care for Weight Loss

chiropractic weight loss

Obesity is a rising concern in most parts of the world and has become one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Recent statistics say that almost two thirds of Canadian adults are overweight or obese, and the number of children who have weight problems is on the rise as well, having tripled in the last several years.

Weight gain is a problem due to hormonal, physiological, and medical irregularities that affect the life. Because of obesity, people develop changes in the production and serum concentration of different hormones, leading to changes in the reproductive cycle, changes in the metabolism and serum sugar concentration and excessive wear and tear changes in the joints and bones due to degenerative changes.

Many chiropractors offer nutritional analysis to help determine whether patients’ health and weight issues are related to dietary insufficiencies, and can offer nutritional supplements. Additionally, spinal manipulation has been clinically proven to help with weight loss; as the weight is taken off of the spinal cord through the process of manipulation, it increases the patient’s flexibility and energy levels, and enables them to engage in more vigorous physical activity.

Other helpful plans advised by chiropractic practitioners to optimize weight loss strategies include electrical stimulation, Graston Therapies, kinesiotaping, yoga, meditation, physiotherapy exercises, and biofeedback.

Dr. Amit Sharda is founder of the Spinewise healthcare Center in Bowmanville ON. He has specialized in family health, exercise and weight loss for over 12 years and has a unique approach to getting results with his patients that other health practitioners have failed with. He is a Chiropractor and Wellness consultant that enjoys educating society about obtaining optimal health and wellness without the use of drugs or surgery.


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