Best Foods Dietitians Recommend for Weight Loss


Best Foods Dietitians Recommend for Weight Loss

We all know that eating healthy food is one of the basic needs to maintain overall health and weight loss. But if you are trying to lose weight through consuming foods, then it’s very important to know from where to start.     

Best Foods Dietitians Recommend for Weight Loss





Know 5 best foods dietitians recommend for weight loss that targets multiple muscles, and eventually burn extra fat while strengthening your body.

Try these healthy foods for weight loss and feel the benefits.

Chia Seeds

Add them to oatmeal or a smoothie for a fat-burning breakfast. Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber. They promote fullness and can help you with portion control.


Fish are high in protein. Eating adequate proteins helps protect muscle mass in weight loss and also helps keep you feeling full.


Mono-unsaturated fats found in avocados promote fullness and can even help trim belly fat. Try using avocado as a sandwich spread versus mayo.


Fermented dairy products offer a whole-food source of probiotics for better digestive health. Many options can be found lactose-free, too. Eating three servings of low-fat dairy products every day is part of a balanced diet for a healthy weight.


Reach for H2O instead of calorie-dense beverages like pop or juice. Add a wedge of citrus fruit, a slice of cucumber or some berries to your water for a refreshing, healthy taste.

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