Fire up your Immune System

How to Fire up your Immune System to stay protected With everything that is going on right now, all the precautions that are being put in place by our government to protect us from exposure and to prevent potential catastrophic outcomes, let’s talk today about some of the things that we can do ourselves to … Continue reading “Fire up your Immune System”

Kiss Unwanted Weight Goodbye

7 keys strategies to kick your unwanted weight goodbye forever, Start now. “Mindset change is not about picking up a few pointers here and there. It’s about seeing things in a new way. When people change to a growth mindset, they change from a judge and be judged framework to a learn and help learn … Continue reading “Kiss Unwanted Weight Goodbye”

Metabolic Reboot System

Here’s a message from our Metabolic Reboot System Coach Pavlina… How do your thoughts impact your health goals/weight loss results…you may wonder? Shifting your mindset especially around your health, is critical to success in reaching your weight loss goals. In fact, it’s much more important than counting calories or working out for hours at the … Continue reading “Metabolic Reboot System”

Valentines Day

  Refer someone you love and you get a free treatment!Everyone here at SpineWise is wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day and Family Day!!!! Remember a heart that shows gratitude experiences life at an optimal level, not only during one day or even a week, but all year long. We look forward to February to … Continue reading “Valentines Day”

Weight Loss Talk

STRUGGLING TO LOSE WEIGHT & KEEP IT OFF? LEARN THE 3 KEYS TO LASTING WEIGHT LOSS Find out the diet myths that are secretly sabotages weight loss efforts… so you can end dieting forever! Join Pavlina Cavojska, Metabolic & Transformational Weight loss coach and creator of Metabolic Reboot System! For this FREE talk. DATE: January … Continue reading “Weight Loss Talk”

New Year Health Challenge

Holidays can be really tough to stay in control of your choices, particularly when it comes to facing all the extra treats that people are bringing to the office or your favourite Christmas treats that you usually don’t get to taste all year round. Can you relate? I sure had my share of sweet little … Continue reading “New Year Health Challenge”

New Year, New You!

New Year, New YouHappy New Year!  2020 is here… a new calendar year, a new decade, a new beginning, another chance, a clean slate and an opportunity to take action…. Is this going to be your year?When we look at statistics, ‘Lose weight and eat healthier’ are the leading resolutions people make year after year.  … Continue reading “New Year, New You!”

Stay tuned for the”New Years Free Sugar Challenge” with Pavlina

  Make your food work for you Achieve freedom from cravings Steady Energy 24/7 Melt your tummy fat away!     Our holistic Nutritionist, Pavlina, specializes in teaching people to combine food, fitness and mindset to become a fat burning machine without giving up their wine, chocolate or popcorn.   After indulging in all the … Continue reading “Stay tuned for the”New Years Free Sugar Challenge” with Pavlina”

Christmas Food Drive

We are collecting food donations, along with other things, for St. Vincent de Paul. You will see a collection box in our office. If you are able to donate here are things they are looking for: – non perishable food items – gift cards or cash – toiletries – new toys St. Vincent de Paul … Continue reading “Christmas Food Drive”