Bowmanville Chiropractor – Neck Pain Treatments


If you visit a chiropractor, neck pain may be the primary reason. Neck and back pain is the most used reasons most people look into chiropractic treatment. If you are suffering from neck pain due to an accident, your regular doctor may advise that you begin a chiropractor’s physiotherapy regimen to build up the strength in your neck and back. For a chiropractic practitioner, neck pain indicates that something within the spinal region is out of alignment.


There are several treatments available at a chiropractor. Neck pain is generally due to something in the spinal column being out of alignment. A chiropractor can use soft tissue manipulation and specifically targeted spinal adjustments to get the spine back into alignment and relieve many types of neck pain. Your chiropractor may discover that the issue is in your lower or middle back and never centered near the neck at all, even though that is where you are experiencing pain.


Once the source of the issue is diagnosed, the chiropractor will decide which technique is best suited to relieving your pain. There are several options if the problem is with the spinal alignment: specific spine manipulation, or instrument-assisted adjustment. Specific spinal manipulation uses a thrusting method to shift the spine back into proper alignment. Instrument assisted manipulation is just how it sounds – the chiropractor uses small instruments that can push the spine into allignment without sharp thrusting techniques.


During chiropractic, physiotherapy sessions, you will probably experience more stretching and strength building exercises and less primary spinal manipulation. Chiropractors may execute a therapeutic massage or joint stretching and resistance therapy. If you’re recovering from a back or neck injury, chiropractic, physiotherapy may help you regain a normal range of movement. Patients tend to experience pain relief for many years following a good chiropractic physical therapy regimen.



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