Different Types Of Massage Therapy

Based upon this classification, we can differentiate relaxing massage moves and stimulating massage moves. To some extent any massage stroke type can be, depending on the pressure exerted and the speed, relaxing or stimulating.

For instance, deep and slow motion effleurage strokes are relaxing, calming, while fast moves with intermittent contact will promote stimulation. There are so many different types of Massage Therapy in Bowmanville available with using different techniques and methods.

Relaxing Strokes or Stimulating Strokes

Armed with this information the massage practitioner can devise a session to cover their client needs accordingly. In sport massage for example, before a competition, nerves and muscles need stimulation, so the practitioner will adapt the session to contain alternating effleurage, vibrations and friction.

For a relaxation massage all of the strokes need to relax and the practitioner needs to never lose hand contact with the subject’s skin. Continuous contact deepens the relaxation. Friction for a relaxation massage has to be performed with less pressure and using larger surface contact, such as palm heel friction or palm friction and avoid finger friction, cross-fiber friction.

The various massages that exist are often a combination of two or more different techniques that the therapist will use in his or her attempt to relax you.


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