Bowmanville Residents Who Suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can get Quality Chiropractic Care Through Us

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that arises when the median nerve becomes squeezed or pressed into the wrist. The median nerve flows from your forearm into your hand and governs sensations to your thumb and fingers. It is also responsible for impulses to some small muscles in your hand that enables your fingers and thumb to move. When this median nerve is compressed, you may suffer pain, numbness and weakness in your hand or wrist.chiropractic care bowmanville

The symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome will usually start slowly. You will experience frequent burning, tingling and itching in the palm of your hand and your fingers. You may also experience numbness in these same areas. It may feel like your fingers are swollen and useless. In time, decreased strength will make it difficult to even make a fist. This will make even mundane tasks like grasping small objects difficult. There are those that will not be able to distinguish hot from cold by touch alone.

There are a number of factors that causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Contributing elements include injury or trauma to the median nerve, like a fracture or a sprain. Other causes of this disorder are repeated use of hand tools, work stress and problems in the joint of the wrist. Women are three times more likely to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

At SpineWise, we can help with this condition by making sure the problem lies in the wrist itself. Bowmanville residents who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or any other medical condition such as chronic neck pain or numbness in the arm, can get quality chiropractic care through us. Schedule an appointment today to see what we can do for you.


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