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Low back pain is caused by improper posture, lifting and overweight. These are the most common reasons often practiced by everyone that leads to LBP. It also comes from stress, injury or conditions such as arthritis. Rehabilitation for low back pain focuses on increasing flexibility of the soft tissues and muscles which hold the spinal column together.

Causes of Low Back Pain

1. Poor posture
2. Poor physical conditioning due to inactivity
3. Obesity
4. Emotional/psychological stress
5. Osteoporosis

The treatment for lower back pain usually incorporates the use of non-invasive recommendations and usually doesn’t involve surgery. Chiropractic care involves using adjustments, electro-stimulation and massage therapy.

Massage chairs have found their way into more medical and chiropractic offices as a treatment to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the lower back. The role of the massage chair is to help to loosen and relax these tight muscles. For more information on how massage can help you, please visit:

Rehabilitation for the lower back involves getting the muscle to become more elastic and less rigid. Also, increasing the strength of the muscles helps to prevent further injury. Diet, exercise, stretching and massage therapy are all important elements of restoring the health of your spine. Massage chairs can be a key tool in rehabilitation and future health maintenance of your lower back. Check with your doctor to see what is right for your condition.

The best thing about massage chairs is that you no longer have to see a masseuse to get that relaxing massage for your back pain. All you have to do is purchase it once, like the zero gravity massage chair, then get to use it anytime in the convenience of your own home.


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