Can Chiropractic Care Help With My Anxiety & Depression?


Can Chiropractic Care Help With My Anxiety & Depression?

  • The effectiveness of mainstream medications like antidepressants should not be undermined. Advocates of alternative treatments do not suggest that someone suffering from depression should avoid mainstream mental health treatments. But when medication or counseling sessions cannot make you feel better, it might be time to try another approach. According to “Insight,” an online wellness journal, chronic pain can cause severe anxiety and depressive symptoms, and depression and anxiety often target the spine, causing muscle tension, headaches, migraines and neck and back pain. This creates a painful cycle where physical pain and mental/emotional pain feed off each other. If these symptoms sound familiar, chiropractic treatments for depression might help you.

    Chiropractors can isolate the pain and, once it is alleviated, individuals will most likely start to feel invigorated.


Relaxation and Relief

  • Successful relief of depressive symptoms like lack of energy, extreme sadness, low self-esteem and rumination can often be alleviated through positive and therapeutic touch, attention and human interaction–all administered in chiropractics. Although many people diagnosed with severe anxiety disorders or major depressive disorder have little chance of emerging from muscular-skeletal stimulation symptom free, people suffering from minor depressive symptoms due to chronic pain will likely benefit. Chiropractic care allows patients to enter deep relaxation while experiencing tension relief. This, along with simple human contact, has brought successful outcomes for many people.

    Psychological and social issues can amplify chronic pain, and vice versa, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Scientific evidence suggests that nerves in the spinal cord of chronic pain patients undergo structural changes, which in turn, can transfer into emotional changes as well.


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