Cancer Prevention And Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Cancer Care

Cancer is a multifactorial, multidimensional disease. Cancer is such a scary word, not just because of the pain and suffering the disease causes, but also because the treatment is painful, expensive, debilitating, and often makes the patient feel sicker than the symptoms of the disease itself.

More and more cancer patients are turning to naturopathic care to aid conventional cancer treatment. The fears from the side effects of chemotherapy, this pain and disfiguring effects involving surgery, and the unknown effects of treatments for instance radiation therapy, are part of what on earth is leading people to explore the implementation of natural cures such as herbs, nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle adjustments so as to prevent this illness, or so as to restore themselves to a healthy state after conventional cancer remedies.

While conventional medical practitioners focus on eliminating the cancer disease simply by destroying the tumor, naturopaths will search for what is causing the expansion.

Some naturopathic practitioners use Autonomic Reaction Testing (ART), which is a series involving tests that investigate different parts of the body including the tissues and psychology of an individual to get an accurate picture in their health or illness. ART is really a highly advanced kind of biofeedback screening that uses hands-on techniques as well as high-tech Signal Enhancers and some sort of polarization filter. These tests are created to give the patient and the physician clearer feedback from the physique. For more info, you can visit

Practitioners of naturopathic medicine work to make a full body treatment plan which recognizes each individual’s unique actual physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, sexual and spiritual makeup. It is the interaction, or mis-interaction of all these components of the human body that allows wellness, or creates disease by the body processes.


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