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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when abnormal pressure is placed on the median nerve, causing decreased hand and finger function and leaving those affected sometimes unable to perform even the simplest tasks.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of many repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) that are everywhere; homes, offices, assembly lines, grocery stores, book clubs, construction sites, dental offices, everywhere!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Symptoms

1. Numbness or pain in your hand, forearm, or wrist that awakens you at night.
2. Occasional aching pain in your forearm between your elbow and wrist.
3. Occasional tingling, numbness, “pins-and-needles” sensation, or pain. The feeling is similar to your hand “falling asleep.”

Who are more liable to have it?

1. Computer users
2. Females are more liable than males
3. Pregnant women
4. Women who are taking oral contraceptive pills
5. Menopausal women
6. Obese individuals
7. Musicians

Spinewise Bowmanville Chiropractor helps people to identify disease before it manifests, quiet pains that have been previously diagnosed as Chronic, and embrace a holistic mindset to Live in the Present- and within that presence, live completely well.


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