The modern work environment, especially for those in desk-bound jobs, often leads to a series of health issues that include chronic pain, poor posture, and stress-related ailments. These problems, if untreated, can significantly impact productivity, mood, and overall health. To counter these ailments, an increasing number of workers are finding relief in chiropractic care.

Chronic stress and poor posture are two major health concerns in a typical office environment. Stress can lead to physical symptoms including muscle tension, headaches, and sleep disturbances, adversely affecting work performance and personal life. On the other hand, long hours of sitting with poor posture can result in misalignment in the spine, leading to chronic pain in the neck, back and other areas.

Chiropractic care can address these issues by focusing on the body’s musculoskeletal structure, primarily the spine. Chiropractors at SpineWise use hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments to enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication. Regular chiropractic adjustments can also result in better posture, enhanced mobility, and a reduction in stress levels.

In addition, integrating chiropractic care with other treatment modalities offered at SpineWise can provide a more holistic and comprehensive approach to managing work-related health issues.

In this article, we’ll explore how chiropractic treatments can effectively manage work-related stress, poor posture, and related health issues. We’ll also discuss how chiropractic care can complement other therapeutic services provided at SpineWise, such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, orthotics, and spinal decompression.

So, let’s delve deeper into how chiropractic care can improve wellness in a workplace context and explore the benefits and techniques specific to mitigating work-related health concerns. Stay tuned as we discuss how you can enhance your work life and health through chiropractic care.

Alleviating Work-Related Stress with Chiropractic Care

1. Reduction of Muscle Tension and Headaches

Stress from work can manifest as muscle tension, particularly in the neck and shoulder areas, leading to discomfort and pain. Chiropractic adjustments help alleviate this tension by targeting specific spinal areas responsible for the symptoms. Additionally, chiropractic care has been shown to help reduce the frequency and intensity of tension headaches, a common complaint among office workers.

2. Bracing the Nervous System

The nervous system is the master controller of all body functions. Stress can disrupt the nervous system’s functions, leading to a variety of health issues. Chiropractic care targets the spinal column — the primary conduit of the nervous system — to ensure proper alignment and function, thus improving the body’s overall response to stress.

3. Encouraging Relaxation Techniques

Apart from spinal adjustments, chiropractors may also recommend relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualization exercises to help manage stress effectively. Implementing these relaxation techniques alongside chiropractic care can provide a well-rounded approach to managing work-related stress.

Addressing Posture Problems with Chiropractic Treatments

1. Spinal Alignment

Poor posture from prolonged sitting or standing can lead to misalignments in the spinal column, causing discomfort and chronic pain. Regular chiropractic adjustments help restore and maintain proper spinal alignment, subsequently improving posture.

2. Improved Ergonomics

Chiropractors can provide guidance on optimizing your workstation to achieve proper posture while working. This may include advice on proper chair height, monitor level, and keyboard positioning. Integrating these ergonomic principles with chiropractic care can significantly improve your posture and comfort at work.

3. Strengthening and Stretching Exercises

Incorporating specific strengthening and stretching exercises as part of a chiropractic treatment plan can also address postural imbalances. These exercises aim to strengthen weakened muscles, induce flexibility, and promote overall body balance, leading to improvements in posture and well-being.

Collaborative Healthcare Approach at SpineWise: Chiropractic Care and Beyond

1. Physiotherapy

Including physiotherapy alongside chiropractic care allows for more comprehensive treatment plans in addressing work-related health concerns. Physiotherapy focuses on restoring mobility, strength, and function in injured or strained areas, often using exercise, manual therapy, and education to achieve these goals.

2. Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy sessions can help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and relieve stress. By integrating massage therapy with chiropractic care, office workers can enjoy a more comprehensive approach to managing stress and improving posture-related issues.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture, an ancient form of medicine, has been recognized for its effectiveness in treating various conditions, including stress and musculoskeletal disorders. By incorporating acupuncture with chiropractic care, patients can benefit from the synergistic effects of these two holistic therapies.

4. Orthotics

Custom orthotics can significantly impact your posture and overall health, particularly if you spend long hours standing or walking at work. Chiropractic care, in conjunction with the use of orthotics, can help correct postural imbalances, alleviate discomfort, and prevent future complications related to poor foot mechanics.

5. Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy can be a valuable addition to chiropractic care when dealing with chronic neck or back pain resulting from poor posture or work-related stress. This non-invasive therapy helps alleviate pressure on the spinal discs and nerves, providing relief from pain and discomfort.

The Path to a Healthier Work Life with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care offers promising solutions for office workers facing stress and posture-related concerns. With its focus on the spine and nervous system, chiropractic treatments can alleviate muscle tension, improve spinal alignment, and enhance the body’s overall ability to cope with stress.

Moreover, by incorporating other therapies such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, orthotics, and spinal decompression into your wellness routine, you can achieve a comprehensive healthcare approach that addresses all aspects of your well-being.

Take charge of your work life and health by integrating chiropractic care into your lifestyle. Consult our team of experienced chiropractors at SpineWise to start your journey towards a healthier, more comfortable, and productive work experience. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a chiropractor in Bowmanville!

Athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to elite professionals, continuously search for methods to enhance their performance, prevent injury, and speed up recovery times. While many may consider chiropractic care solely as a means to address back pain, its benefits for athletes extend far beyond spinal health. Chiropractic care can play a vital role in supporting optimal athletic performance, injury prevention, and muscle recovery, making it an essential component of an athlete’s comprehensive wellness plan.

Chiropractic care focuses on maintaining the proper function of the spine and nervous system, which directly impacts an athlete’s overall health, mobility, and performance. By addressing spinal misalignments or subluxations, chiropractic adjustments can alleviate pain, improve the range of motion, and enhance the body’s overall function, allowing athletes to perform at their best and recover more efficiently.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which chiropractic care can benefit athletes, exploring the ways in which it can improve performance, prevent injuries, and promote a faster return to sport following injury or strain. We will also delve into the comprehensive chiropractic services available at SpineWise, showcasing how our experienced chiropractors can provide tailored support for individuals pursuing athletic excellence and well-being.

Improving Athletic Performance with Chiropractic Care

1. Increased Range of Motion

A key benefit of chiropractic care for athletes is the potential for increased range of motion. When spinal joints are properly aligned, the spine is better able to move freely and without restriction. Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce joint stiffness and improve overall joint mobility, allowing athletes to enjoy a greater range of motion during their activities and perform at a higher level.

2. Reduced Pain and Discomfort

Athletes often encounter pain and discomfort resulting from muscles, ligaments, and joints’ overuse or strain. Chiropractic care can address these sources of pain, providing relief through targeted adjustments and promoting optimal body function. By alleviating pain and discomfort, athletes can train more effectively, improve performance, and prevent overcompensation injuries.

3. Enhanced Nervous System Function

An often-overlooked aspect of athletic performance is the role of the nervous system. The nervous system controls muscle activation and coordination, making it essential for the body to function optimally during sports activities. Chiropractic care promotes a healthy nervous system by addressing spinal misalignments and allowing for proper communication between the brain and muscles. This leads to improved muscle activation, better coordination, and more precise, efficient movements in athletic endeavors.

Injury Prevention Through Chiropractic Care

1. Optimal Alignment and Joint Health

Chiropractic care helps to maintain optimal alignment and joint health, which can protect athletes from injury. Poor alignment can leave joints more susceptible to injury due to uneven distribution of force and stress, while chiropractic adjustments can help realign the joints and distribute the forces evenly. This reduces the risk of injury and promotes overall joint durability.

2. Addressing Muscle Imbalances

Athletes are no strangers to muscle imbalances, which arise when some muscles become tight and overactive while others become weak and underactive. Chiropractors can assess and address these imbalances, providing targeted adjustments and recommending strengthening exercises for the weak muscles. This holistic approach helps to prevent sports-related injuries and improves overall function and stability.

3. Identification of Potential Areas of Concern

Through regular chiropractic care, athletes can proactively identify and address potential areas of concern before they become problematic. Chiropractors are skilled in evaluating an individual’s biomechanics, identifying potential issues that could lead to injury, and recommending appropriate treatments or lifestyle modifications to mitigate these risks.

Speeding Up Recovery with Chiropractic Care

1. Promoting the Body’s Natural Healing Process

Chiropractic care supports the body’s natural healing process, which is essential for effective recovery following sports injury or strain. By maintaining optimal alignment and promoting efficient communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body, chiropractic treatment enables the body to repair injuries and recover more efficiently than it would otherwise.

2. Reduction of Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is a common occurrence following an injury or intense exercise and is often the source of pain and discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce inflammation, leading to a decrease in pain and a more comfortable recovery process. Moreover, by addressing the underlying cause of the inflammation, chiropractic care ensures lasting relief and improved healing.

3. Restoration of Mobility and Function

Whether it involves rehabilitating a sports-related injury or recovering from a physically demanding event, the primary goal of chiropractic care is to restore mobility and function in the affected area. Chiropractic adjustments and prescribed exercises can help to repair damage, strengthen supporting muscles, and improve range of motion, allowing athletes to return to their activities as quickly and safely as possible.

SpineWise Chiropractic Services for Athletes

1. Comprehensive Treatment Plans

At SpineWise, our chiropractors create comprehensive treatment plans tailored specifically for athletes. By assessing an individual’s unique needs, goals, and biomechanics, our team can provide targeted chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and other complementary services to improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and facilitate optimal recovery.

2. Team of Skilled Practitioners

Our team of skilled chiropractors at SpineWise has experience working with athletes across various sports, enabling them to provide specialized care designed to address the unique demands of an active lifestyle.


Athletes of all abilities can benefit immensely from incorporating chiropractic care into their wellness routine. Whether aiming to enhance performance, reduce the risk of injury, or speed up recovery, chiropractic treatment provides a valuable tool for optimizing both the physical and mental aspects of athletic pursuits.

If you are an athlete looking to elevate your performance, prevent injury, and enjoy optimal well-being, consider the wide-ranging benefits of chiropractic care. Contact SpineWise today to speak with the best chiropractor in Bowmanville and discuss your athletic goals and learn how our comprehensive chiropractic services can support your journey towards athletic excellence and a healthier lifestyle.

Chronic pain or discomfort can greatly impact your quality of life, affecting your ability to work, participate in activities you enjoy, and even your mood. Many people turn to medication to manage their pain, but this only masks the symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of the problem. Chiropractic care offers a natural approach to pain management that can help you find long-term relief.

Whether you are dealing with back pain, neck pain, headaches, or any other type, a Bowmanville chiropractor can help you find relief.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a healthcare discipline focused on the musculoskeletal system and its related conditions. Chiropractors use hands-on manipulation of the spine and other joints to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders. This form of healthcare is non-invasive and drug-free, making it an appealing option for many people.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One of the benefits of chiropractic care is that it can help treat a wide range of conditions. Chiropractors commonly minister several conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, whiplash, and sports injuries. Chiropractic care can also treat conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

In addition to providing pain relief, chiropractic care can improve your overall health and wellness. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost your immune system. This is because chiropractic care helps to promote proper nerve function, which is essential for overall health and wellness.

Aside from that, this approach is non-invasive. Unlike traditional medical treatments that may involve surgery or medication, chiropractic care relies on natural healing methods that work with the body’s healing processes. This makes chiropractic care an ideal choice for people looking for a safer, more natural approach to healthcare.

What to Expect When Undergoing Chiropractic Care

Suppose you decide to see a chiropractor in Bowmanville. In that case, your initial visit will likely entail a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays. By gathering this data, your chiropractor can design a customized treatment plan that addresses your requirements.

Chiropractors commonly use chiropractic adjustments as a form of treatment. This method involves applying gentle pressure to the spine and joints to reduce pain, improve flexibility, and restore function to the affected region. In addition, chiropractors may use other techniques like soft tissue therapy, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation to aid in pain relief and healing.

Risks Involved With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a safe and tolerable form of medical treatment, but it has some potential risks like any other medical procedure. These risks may result in minor discomforts, such as soreness or stiffness; sometimes, the symptoms might worsen temporarily following the treatment. However, these side effects are usually brief and not severe.

Selecting a licensed and trained chiropractor in Bowmanville is crucial when contemplating chiropractic care. Search for a chiropractor who has experience treating your ailment and is well-regarded locally.

Final Thoughts

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, chiropractic care may be a viable and secure solution to treat various conditions. Visit a chiropractor in Bowmanville to determine if this treatment suits you. With the guidance of a proficient chiropractor, you can alleviate your symptoms and experience better health and overall well-being.

If you’re seeking relief from back pain, SpineWise is here to help. Our team of expert chiropractors in Bowmanville is dedicated to providing personalized care that addresses your unique needs. With our advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you achieve optimal spinal health and improve your overall well-being. Visit us today and experience the difference chiropractic care can make.

When you think about taking help in chiropractic, you can search for Laser Therapy Near Me. This is a fruitful method for your treatment. Let’s know about it here.

These days, chiropractors are using many recent innovations with their traditional chiropractic care. One of them is Low Level Laser Therapy. So, if you want to search for a Laser Therapy Bowmanville, make sure you choose the right one.

At the SpineWise center, the chiropractors use modern technologies for their treatment purpose. They use low level laser therapy with chiropractic care in order to treat pain. Thus, they can cure the patient’s pain problems in a better way.

What is low level laser therapy:

In this therapy, chiropractors use laser ray light of red or near infra-red light in order to treat the pain issue. They use the laser ray over the patient’s pain area or injury areas.

Then, the ray of light stimulates the cells of that pain area and repairs the tissue. Slowly, the light helps to reduce inflammation of that area. Thus, the pain reduces with time.

Laser therapy is a safe and secure treatment process. It helps the person to reduce pain with a drug free way easily. This also helps to get him relief from pain and heal the body.

If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Bowmanville, visit Dr Amit Sharda and his team. They will treat your pain related health issues with the help of low level laser therapy and heal your pain better.

When can you get help in chiropractic laser therapy:

This is a very helpful treatment therapy in the chiropractic care field. This therapy gives relief from acute body ailments like chronic pain issues, soft tissue injuries, and heals the body wounds better.

Another name of low level laser therapy is The Class 4 laser therapy. This is a very bright and strong light ray. While using the light ray for treating the pain area, it penetrates the skin of that pain area.

Thus, after some time, the pain gets reduced and it heals the patient’s body. However, there are some common health issues that take help in low level laser therapy. They may include:

  1. Sprain
  2. Acute injuries
  3. Stress issues
  4. Car accident injury
  5. Strains
  6. Arthritis
  7. Chronic pain issues

So, if you are suffering from any of these health problems, you can get help in Laser Therapy Bowmanville. Visit us at SpineWise and get your chiropractic care with low level laser therapy.

The benefits of using laser therapy in chiropractic:

There are many benefits in using this therapy for your pain issues. It helps in improving your body healing and repairs the tissue injuries. This therapy is very helpful when it comes to reducing inflammation in your body.

Additionally, this also helps to speed the recovery time of healing and increase the blood circulation in your body. As a result, it boosts the immune system too.

You can search for Laser Therapy Near Me to treat your pain with laser therapy.

SpineWise center is a famous chiropractic clinic in Canada. Here, Dr Amit Sharda and his team use low level laser therapy for treating their patients if they come with any pain issues. Visit the center to know more details about their laser therapy process.

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That kind of approach would be considered the Abstainer – with the all or nothing attitude….It is exhausting for them to continually debate the thoughts in their head like “ Do I have it today or tomorrow?” or “How much should I have?” or  “I have been in the gym, don’t I deserve it?”

Therefore the best approach for the Abstainer is to abstain from all the deviations from their original plan. Whatever boundaries you have set for yourself in the past,  you will need to remind yourself (meditation works great) of your commitment each and every morning and plan for keeping your routine. (practically making sure you have your own foods at an arms length)

The moderator on the other hand, have a general sense of what is moderate for them or they set rules for themselves.  Like “ I will have 1 drink when I am invited out to a party, but I won’t have any drinks at home. “ They are able to have some, feel satisfied and it is easy for them not to overindulge.

Moderators will say, that having a little bit of something makes them want it less.

If you are a moderator, small treat here and there will go a long way for you.

Here are some tips for all to navigate with ease through the holidays

  1. Get sufficient amount of sleep.
  2. Keep yourself well hydrated. Having a glass of water in between drinks will slow down alcohol consumption, or between meals to keep your hunger signals at bay.
  3. Don’t skip on calories by skipping breakfast – lean source of protein and good quality fat with either veggies or piece of fruit will go a long way to stabilize your blood sugar level and prevent the need to overeat later in in the day.
  4. If you are planning to treat yourself, see what is out there that you would love to try, get a small plate out and place 1 small piece of each on the plate ahead of time. Accept this to be all that you will have for the day. This way there will be no room left for the little voice in your head to negotiate whether or not to have more…
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If you feel like you would like to get a jump start and prepare ahead for the Holiday season, let me know,  I am here to help . Having a well thought out wellness plan ahead of time can sure take some of the stress associate with the Holidays off.

Yours in Health,


Don’t forget to stay tuned for the New Years Challenge!

We are collecting food donations, along with other things, for St. Vincent de Paul.

You will see a collection box in our office.

If you are able to donate here are things they are looking for:

– non perishable food items

– gift cards or cash

– toiletries

– new toys

St. Vincent de Paul is dedicated to helping our community members who are in need. Every month they hold a food bank. Needy families, after being verified, can stop in to pick up food for their family and are given vouchers for the St. Vincent de Paul store, where they can get free clothing for the family. Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas they send needy community members home with a big box of food so that they can celebrate the holidays with a good meal. They also have families that are in need of sponsorship at Christmas, so they have describe yourself essay businesses (like ours) and families that help buy families in need Christmas gifts.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping out some how please send an email to

Thank you in advance for your donation! Happy Holidays to you all!

We currently have 4 chiropractors, 2 decompression therapy rooms, 3 registered massage therapists, 1 physiotherapist, 1 chiropodist and 1 holistic nutritionist.

Revolutionary state-of-the-art office with advanced technology and the best experienced doctors & practitioners in Durham region, bringing you results with quality & affordability. We use the latest in technologies to get you faster results.

SpineWise is known in Durham region as the top clinic for advanced non-surgical and drug-free solutions to your health concerns. Our friendly multidisciplinary team works together with a primary goal, to help you achieve your health goals as quickly and comfortably as possible , and we are great at what we do! We strive to make our clinic a fun and friendly environment for all our practice members and we promise to go that extra mile, each and every single time.

Dr. Amit Sharda and the SpineWise team have been serving Bowmanville, Newcastle, Orono, Courtice, Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering and the surrounding areas for 2 decades. Our welcoming team at SpineWise are committed to providing solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even muscular tightness and tension. You may be searching for pain relief after an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you suffer from a specific condition like chronic back pain or a spinal condition. Even if you looking to improve your overall health, our team can help you attain your everyday wellness goals!

If you have not been to our office before and want to find out more, please email us or call (905) 623-8388 the answers to your questions from our experienced team.

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Custom foot orthotics are both clinically and scientifically proven to be an effective solution for treating heel, arch, knee, hip, back and neck pain – superior to wearing over-the-counter, generic shoe inserts or heel pads. The reason is because custom foot orthotics are made from a UNIQUE MOLD of your foot, which provides unsurpassed arch and heel support. This takes pressure off the foot and evenly distributes your weight as you walk.

Custom foot orthotics re-instate critical balance and increase the biomechanical effectiveness of the ankle joint, providing stability to the entire skeletal system.

In addition, custom foot orthotics provide a safe and non-invasive treatment option for individuals who do not wish to take medication in order to treat foot, heel, knee, hip, and back pain.

Great for helping all sorts of foot pain including plantar fasciitis!


Anatomy 101


The spine is one of the most important parts our body. It has three main functions:

  • Protects the spinal cord
  • Gives the body structure and support
  • Allows us to move freely

The Bones and Joints

The spine is made of 33 bones called vertebra that are stacked one above each other. There are:

  • 7 cervical vertebra in the neck
  • 12 thoracic vertebra in the middle back
  • 5 lumbar vertebra in the low back.

The sacrum is a wedged shaped bone in the pelvis made of 5 fused vertebra. The tail end of the spine (literally) we have the coccyx made of 4 fused coccygeal vertebra. The vertebra are given names based on their position in the spine. L1 is the first lumbar vertebra. There are 2 bones that have special names because of their special function. The atlas (C1) holds up the head and the axis allows the head to rotate from side to side.

Bones and Joints

Here you can see 2 vertebra stacked on top of the other. 3 joints join the vertebra to each other. The large disc in the front is like a soft cushion and provides support and absorbs pressure. The disc has a poor blood supply and receives its nutrition via sucking the nutrients from the body when you move. Behind the disc there are 2 facet joints. The facet joints guide the movement of the vertebra and have a large supply of nerves that feed your brain with information about where your spine is and how it is moving. Your brain uses this information when it is deciding how your organs should function. Some amazing research by Dr. Akio Sato has been done in this field. This is why is it is so important to maintain the normal movement of your spine. Between the facet joints and the disc is a gap called the intervertebral foramen or the IVF for short. The spinal nerves exit the spinal canal through the IVF. There are a number of bumps on each vertebra. You can see the transverse and spinouts processes in the picture. The muscles and ligaments of the spine attach to these bumps.

The Ligaments

There are a number of ligaments that cross between two vertebra. The ligaments hold the bones together while still allowing the joints to move. Some of the ligaments cross the intervetebral foramen and reduce the space the spinal nerves have to exit the spinal canal. When there is joint restriction the ligaments can rub twist and squash the nerves reducing their ability to carry healthy information from the brain to the body or the body back to the brain. With age and lack of exercise the ligaments become shorter and harder, making the joints stiffer. In the long term tight and stiff ligaments pull on the bones and produce bone spurs. Exercise and adjustments to maximize the health of the ligaments will minimize the effects of osteoarthritis in the future.

The Muscles

The Muscles

here are multiple layers of muscles in the back. Some are for supporting our spine and are called postural muscles or core muscles others are for moving our spine and are called the prime movers. The muscles are arranged in different patterns to bend our spine forwards backwards, sideways and rotate to each side. Like all muscles of the body the spinal muscles require good exercise and stretching to maintain their health and the health of your spine.

The Nerves

The spinal cord is the information superhighway between your brain and your body. Without it you could not move any part of your body and your organs could not function. It is made of millions of nerves. The spinal cord is protected by the bony spinal canal formed by the vertebra that are stacked one on top of the other. It is also protected by the duramater, a tough covering around the cord. Between the duramater and the spinal cord is the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) The CSF is important for protection of the central nervous system (CNS), which includes the brain and the spinal cord and feeds the CNS with nutrients from the blood.

The Peripheral Nerves

The spinal nerves convey information between the central nervous system and the rest of the body. The spinal nerves exit the spinal canal through each of the intervertebral foramen between each pair of vertebra. Like the tributaries of a river the small spinal nerves form larger nerves, such as the sciatic nerve, which runs down the buttock into the leg. This is how your brain controls every single cell and organ in you body. The following chart describes which spinal nerves innervate (supply) which parts of the body. You will notice that all the body parts actually receive information from more than one spinal nerve and the nerves travel a great distance to get to the organ they are supplying. This is why the actual problem in the spinal can be a long way away from you feeling the problem.

Want to Understand Chiropractic?

Then be aware of these 7 principles:

Your body is under the control of the brain and nervous system as long as you are alive.

Your brain is protected by the skull, and your spinal cord is protected by the spinal column.

Spinal bones move out of normal alignment and interrupt your normal nerve flow.

This disruption of normal nerve flow is referred to as a vertebral subluxation.

It is vital to know that subluxations can be silent; causing problems long before symptoms occur.

Chiropractors find subluxations, and by preforming a spinal adjustment, facilitate a return of normal nerve supply.

Normal nerve supply results in a greater expression of LIFE for you!

*Based on an article by Robert Crystal, DC.

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Today is the day to start making changes. Why today you ask? Well why not today?

Have you been suffering from headaches, back pain, neck pain, anxiety and/or stress?

We can help you. We use the latest in technologies to get you faster results.

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SpineWise is a busy multidisciplinary clinic downtown Bowmanville, Ontario.

We have been in business for over 2 decades helping the community of Bowmanville and surrounding areas.

We offer services such as chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy and chiropody.

We direct bill to most insurance companies, we accept MVA clients and WSIB clients as well.


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What Is Chiropractic?

One of the largest primary care professions in Ontario, chiropractic is an evidence-based, non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on the musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractors practice primarily using their hands, providing diagnosis, treatment and preventive care for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints.

Chiropractors use a combination of treatments, depending on the specific needs of the individual patient. After taking a history, performing an examination and establishing a diagnosis, a chiropractor can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment/management plan, recommend therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive therapies, and provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counselling.

One of the most common therapies a chiropractor uses is spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), which can comprise a variety of adjustment techniques. Specific training in SMT allows chiropractors to provide highly-skilled and precise adjustments to the vertebrae of the spine, correcting joint motion to restore proper movement and improve function.

For many conditions, such as low back pain, chiropractic care is the primary method of treatment. When a multi-disciplinary approach is advisable, a chiropractor will coordinate care with other health care professionals. Where other conditions exist, chiropractic care may complement or support medical or other treatment by relieving the musculoskeletal aspects associated with the condition.

Chiropractic care may also be used to provide symptomatic relief for patients with chronic conditions.

There are many reasons to seek chiropractic care:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headache
  • Whiplash
  • Strains and sprains
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Work and sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Limited range of motion in the back, shoulder, neck or limbs

Chiropractic is a regulated health profession, recognized by statute in all Canadian provinces and American states. Almost 2.7 million patients in Ontario rely on chiropractic care every year to help them live healthy, active lives.

—-> Information provided by the Ontario Chiropractic Association

Our Services

  • Chiropractors – 4 in total – Treatments include: Manual Adjustments, Computerized Adjustments, Acupuncture, Graston, Cupping and Laser Therapy
  • Registered Massage Therapist – 3 in total
  • Spinal Decompression – 2 in total
  • Chiropodist (Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Physiotherapy (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

Our Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30 A.M. until 6:30 P.M.

One Saturday a month from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

(more Saturdays coming soon)

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Chiropractic manipulation is a complementary medical practice that treats problems with the musculoskeletal system. Its main focus is spine care.

The musculoskeletal system is made up of a person’s muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, and tendons. The Musculoskeletal system supports a person’s body, allows them to move, and protects their organs.
The word chiropractic came from the Greek words cheir (hands) and praxis (practice). So as the name suggests, it is a hands-on therapy.
Chiropractic manipulation is the procedure of application of pressure to a person’s spine or other parts of their body by a qualified chiropractic doctor. This pressure allows a chiropractor to adjust and correct body alignment.
Chiropractic manipulation aims to reduce chronic pain and improve mechanical function, or the way a person moves.
Chiropractic Adjustments
The chiropractor examines the patient physically, focusing on their spine. The chiropractor sometimes may perform other tests, such as X-rays, to determine the necessary treatment.
Treatment normally involves using the hands to quickly apply controlled force to a joint. The aim of the bowmanville chiropractic care is to improve the quality and range of physical movement.

Effectiveness of Chiropractic Manipulation

The best thing about receiving chiropractic manipulation is that it is completely drug free path for healing the body naturally. The growing evidence has shown that this treatment is good for:
Neck Pain
Lower Back Pain
Chest Pain
Improved Mental Clarity
Bowel Regularity
Arthritis & Joint Pain
Blood Pressure


chiropractic care



Chiropractic care is created only for patients with spine or back pain problems. Therefore, when they experience some form of dysfunction on their body, they do not consider chiropractic care at all. Contradictory to this, Chiropractic care addresses a collection of health or medical concerns.

There are also specialized branches of chiropractic care available if you prefer to give specific relief for a condition. In fact, there is a branch of chiropractic care that is intended for kids, and expectant women. It is important to create consciousness about the requirements that chiropractic treatment can address in order for you to recognize that it can help resolve any medical problem you can be experiencing.

Bowmanville Chiropractic Care offers treatment for back pain, including spinal manipulation and for pain in head and neck.

Back Pain Problems

This is one of the most common form of physical or health complaint shared by majority of the population given the nature of jobs nowadays. This is also one of the most commonplace condition being treated by the care and about 65 to 70 % of patients being treated by chiropractors are enduring back pains.

Pain In Head and Neck

Here is the most frequent condition treated by chiropractors. These two conditions often appear together and is therefore treated utilizing the same way of manual adjustment on the neck or cervical spine.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is created only for patients with spine or back pain problems. Therefore, when they experience some form of dysfunction on their body, they do not consider chiropractic care at all. Contradictory to this, Chiropractic care addresses a collection of health or medical concerns.

There are also specialized branches of chiropractic care available if you prefer to give specific relief for a condition. In fact, there is a branch of Chiropractic Care that is intended for kids, and expectant women. It is important to create consciousness about the requirements that chiropractic treatment can address in order for you to recognize that it can help resolve any medical problem you can be experiencing.

Back Pain Problems

This is one of the most common form of physical or health complaint shared by majority of the population given the nature of jobs nowadays. This is also one of the most commonplace condition being treated by the care and about 65 to 70 % of patients being treated by chiropractors are enduring back pains.

Pain In Head and Neck

Here is the most frequent condition treated by chiropractors. These two conditions often appear together and is therefore treated utilizing the same way of manual adjustment on the neck or cervical spine.


Chiropractic Care

There’s a huge selection of chiropractic treatments adapted to all kinds of health situations. You can use it to manage overall health conditions.Chiropractic care boasts its very own share of specialized divisions as with all aspects of the medical profession. In the event wherein alignment is diagnosed, chiropractic doctors carry out adjustments to offer relief for sufferers in the region in which the misalignment was discovered.


Phase 1: Relief Chiropractic

This type of chiropractic care is carried out on individuals who are suffering from any kind of pain or discomfort. The aim of this treatment is always to offer immediate respite from any kind of unwanted discomfort. The duration of treatment periods generally vary depending on the magnitude of the injury acquired by the patient and ways in which it may be corrected.


Phase 2: Corrective Chiropractic

This is more complex type of chiropractic care. It’s done on individuals who have experienced spinal problems for a long time and which have progressed into a far more problematic condition which in turn has not been treated properly. When it comes to corrective chiropractic care, this process involves a long term treatment plan. The actual duration by itself is dependent upon the degree of damage and the way the patient responds to the therapy provided.



Bowmanville Chiropractic clinic

With the regular operation of Resume Chiropractic Clinic, our motto is to facilitate a space that’s greatly welcoming and that provides an environment into which our patients can come with complete positive assurance and  they’re going to walk out feeling better than they walked in.There’s no problem with what goes on here. We procced accordingly what we’ve spent many years learning in school and apply our skills in the best efficient way to our patients on a case-by-case basis.

Our Bowmanville Chiropractic Clinic is equipped with state of the art x-ray diagnosis, interpretation and physical therapy modalities to give the best care possible for your Issues.  The procedure of treatment we use are gentle, low force techniques to keep the patient’s comfort a primary goal in our therapeutic concerns.


Various Things We Treat With Chiropractic Care

  • Auto Accidents
  • Bike Accidents
  • Low Back Pain
  • Mid Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Disc Injuries
  • Extremity Pain
  • Postural Imbalances
  • Sprains And Strains
  • Scoliosis
  • And Many More!


We have many Chiropractic Treatment Options

We use a variety of procedures to help you  to achieve your health and function, including:

  • Diversified Chiropractic Spinal And Extremity Adjustments
  • Instrument-Assisted Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Manipulation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Flexion-Distraction
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Kineseotaping
  • Nasal Specific Technique
  • And More!


The word Chiropractic is derived from two words one is cheir that means hands and the other word is praxis which means practice. Chiropractic is a health cure art that points on the relationship between body structure and its functioning. Chiropractic therapy is also known as hands-on therapy. Chiropractic is a type of medicine that concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Chiropractic involves many techniques like manual therapy, spinal manipulation therapy and other manipulations for soft tissues and joints. Chiropractic specialists may use different types of treatment approaches, they primarily perform manipulations to the spine or other parts of the body with the aim of alleviating pain, improving function, and helps to heal the body itself. The main aim of this therapy is to reduce pain and improve body functions or the way a person moves or walks. If you are suffering from joint pains and backaches then must visit a chiropractor for help because that is the best and effective natural treatment. This therapy helps in treating different types of conditions. This therapy is a drug-free that heals the body naturally.



The various benefits of chiropractic that helps in improving many conditions such as :


  • Headaches
  • Bowel regularity
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Ear infections
  • Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Asthma
  • Blood Pressure
  • Healthy Pregnancy