Given the amount of work stress in today’s life – you could find it challenging to lead a happy and relaxed life. If you are seeking some sort of assistance, you must look for immediate help. At SpineWise, we have an expert like Dr Amit Sharda based in Bowmanville. He offers you valuable insight on Graston Therapy.

Before we get started, let us look at the possible options available:

  1. What is the Graston Technique?
  2. Know about the overall process 
  3. How does it work for the patients’ benefit?

What is the Graston Technique?

Before getting into the intricate details, you must understand the basics. If you dig too deep into the fact of the matter, you are bound to get complicated. So, in order to understand the basic idea, we should consider looking at the possible scenarios.

As a matter of fact, the Graston Technique is regarded as a form of manual therapy. It goes on to use tools like stainless steel in order to perform the muscle demonstration. It is a sort of soft tissue demonstration primarily used by chiropractors. When you consider the option of contacting a specialist like Dr Amit Sharda, based in Canada, you are likely to be benefitted in every possible way.

Know about the overall process:

The quicker you understand the overall process, the better it is for you. That is the way how it works. Here at SpineWise, we offer the best services at a reasonable rate. Based in Bowmanville, Dr Amit Sharda is an expert chiro who often suggests Graston therapy to his patients worldwide.

This process involves the use of superior devices that chiros at SpineWise use for massaging. By gently scraping the skin, it offers a pain-free solution to patients. In case you have experienced soft tissue injuries, it is a highly recommended therapy for you.   

How does it work for the patients’ benefit?

You could consider the overall process of Graston Therapy as a robust and intense version of manual therapy. You get all the subtle help of manual therapy but in a more detailed way. Our expert Dr Amit Sharda at SpineWise, suggests that first of all, a chiro needs to locate any kind of muscle restrictions.

If they could identify any kind of muscle knot, it would only help you in the long run. They do this by running the tools over your skin to identify the main problem area. They look to determine if there is any scar tissue. Once the scar tissue is identified, then it becomes a relatively easier job for the chiro. Secondly, keeping in mind the patients’ benefits, a chiro uses the tools to break up the tissue to restore mobility.

The Final Words 

Like thousands of other individuals, you could face issues owing to discomfort in your body. When you take help from an expert Chiropractor in Bowmanville, it always works for your benefit. To know more about Graston Therapy, get in touch with an expert chiropractor like Dr Amit Sharda, based in Bowmanville.

Dr Amit Sharda of SpineWise is a chiropractor in Bowmanville who talks about the Graston Therapy. Contact him for the best chiropractic treatment.

What is the Graston Therapy?

Dr Amit Sharda of SpineWise is an expert chiropractor in Bowmanville who recommends Graston therapy to his patients. It is a technique that chiropractors use in physical therapy that is increasingly becoming popular. This involves the use of specialized devices that chiropractors use for massaging. It is a manual therapy that gently scrapes the skin.

At SpineWise, chiropractors use Graston therapy to treat soft tissue injuries. This helps in acute and chronic pain, and even post-surgical pain.

Graston Therapy and Chiropractic Care:

Dr Amit Sharda, a reputed chiropractor in Bowmanville, uses stainless steel instruments to perform Graston therapy. Chiropractors first detect the injuries in the soft tissues. Then they break down the scar tissue that has been causing trauma to the soft tissue. This process also stretches the connective tissue to rearrange the soft tissue. Just like the main focus of chiropractic care, this therapy also provides a healing environment for the soft tissue.

Medical experts use Graston therapy to treat conditions like Carpal tunnel Syndrome, Lumbar strain, Achilles tendonitis, Adhesive Capsulitis, etc. It takes about 6 to 8 chiropractic sessions to completely break up this tissue. The patients at SpineWise have said that Dr Amit Sharda and his licensed team have performed such a great treatment that they have started feeling better from the first session.

How does Graston therapy benefit you?

Dr Amit Sharda suggests Graston therapy because it has a number of benefits.

  1. This treatment reduces the entire treatment time. For each area, this treatment lasts for just about 30 to 60 seconds.
  2. Permanent chronic conditions can be eradicated by this method.
  3. It reduces your discomfort and helps you live a life without pain.
  4. It produces fast and better results. Most patients will feel the improvement within the first 1 or 2 weeks.
  5. Application of Graston therapy like any other form of chiropractic treatment does not require the use of drugs. In fact, it can also reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medicines.

Graston therapy for you:

Dr Amit Sharda is an esteemed chiropractor in Bowmanville who suggests you must visit a licensed professional before undergoing this therapy. There are some conditions when our chiropractors advise on avoiding this therapy. These conditions may include high blood pressure, pregnancy, some types of cancer, types of kidney diseases, etc. So, make sure you consult the professionals at SpineWise, Bowmanville for your overall medical checkup. Our experts will check all your medical records and suggest you the treatment most appropriate for you.

If you are facing problems in sleeping, discomfort while running, chronic pain or inflammation, or any such problems, Graston therapy may be just right for you. If you want to recover from these issues, this treatment may give you fast and effective results.

The final word:

Chiropractic care is just the right treatment for you if you want to improve your health from within. Our expert team of licensed chiropractors and our esteemed Dr Amit Sharda will conduct an in-depth medical checkup and suggest you the perfect treatment. Contact SpineWise to know more about Graston therapy.

Graston Therapy is a manual therapy used for treating the scar tissue. The chiropractors use special instruments for this. Here we will get to know more about this.

Graston Therapy is a special form of therapy. This is generally a manual therapy used for treatment of the scar tissues of the patient. Chiropractors use this therapy with a specific kind of massage. Or sometimes they can scrap the skin to treat the patient.

SpineWise is popular for its Graston Therapy Bowmanville. Here the chiropractors are well versed in this therapy. They have many years of experience in doing this. You can visit here to treat your scar tissue.

What is Graston Therapy:

This is a special treatment method used by the chiropractors. In this technique, they use a manual therapy process. The manual therapy is also known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization.

In this therapy, the health experts treat the scar tissues with the help of an instrument. They use the instrument with a special kind of massage therapy. Sometimes they can use the scraping process to skin.

They use the therapy gently as it is applied to the patient’s skin. In this method, the chiropractors can know where the area of skin that is having restriction. After identifying the area, they approach breaking up the actual scar tissue.

At SpineWise, the chiropractors will do the therapy with sincerity and care. They have experience of doing therapy for a number of years.

Who use this therapy:

This therapy is now a common one. So, there are many health experts who use this therapy for the scar treatment. Chiropractors use this therapy as a way to improve the scar area of their patients. This way, they can give them a chance to be back to their earlier state of skin.

If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Bowmanville, you can visit Dr Amit Sharda and his team. They can treat your scar tissue very well.

Apart from them, there are many physical therapists who can use this therapy at their clinics. Sometimes, the athletes face skin problems due to sports injury. But they can seek help in this therapy to get relief from the skin issues.

If a massage therapist has license to use this therapy, he can also treat the patients with the help of Graston Therapy.

Graston Therapy Goals:

The main goal of this therapy is to reduce the pain. However, it also helps to increase body function.

The therapists generally combine two methods to treat the patient. At first, they break down the scar tissue and then, they remove the restrictions from skin.

This is mainly caused by if the patient went through a trauma to the softer areas of tissue in the past. These may include tissues in muscle, ligament, tendon or some other parts.

The therapists then reduce the restrictions and stretch the connective tissue. Then they attempt to arrange the soft tissue structure in order to treat that area.

SpineWise is a health clinic in Canada. You can go for Graston Therapy here. Dr Amit Sharda and his team will take care of your skin and treat the scar tissue very well. Contact them to know more.