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Nervous System Facts & Diseases – Spinewise

nervous_system_explainedChiropractors are the specialists that look for physical interferences in the nervous system and remove them. These blocks to proper nerve transmission are caused by spinal misalignments called subluxations. Unfortunately, the common of the public do not know this because the general knowledge is that chiropractors are back pain doctors.

Everyone knows that if the spinal cord is severed, all function below that level is lost because there is no communication message going with the brain. However, in the case where there is loss of only some communication, most people accept the resulting loss of function as being normal and often will live with that loss as long as there is no pain or very little pain.

Your nervous system explained briefly and is kept healthy by providing it with adequate nutrition, and by keeping it free of interference. It is like a network of wires that take information around the body at very high speed using neuro-transmitters. The wires must be in good repair, so we need good fats to maintain the sheath that covers the nerve (myelin sheath). Here Omega 3 fatty acids are of importance and can be found in wild salmon, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. Nervous system controls all the body functions.

An Introduction to the Nervous System

Spinal_nervesThe nervous system depends on a high-speed communications network to alert the brain to information that affects all areas of the body.

For example, the impulses sent from the nervous system to the brain travel at up to 250 miles per hour. This is infinitely faster than the endocrine system that sends hormones through the bloodstream and may take an hour to get to their destination.

The nervous system has the full attention of the brain and the brain response. The responses can be the result of pain, enjoyment or other sensory data.

It is the nervous system with which chiropractic works to restore your health. We can measure the state of your nervous system and show you why you are experiencing your health challenge.

Electrically charged neurons make up the communications landscape of the nervous system. When the nervous system kicks in electrical charges and chemical reactions are generated as information is sent on a fast track to a brain that either calls for action or reaction to the supplied data stream.

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The three primary elements of the nervous system are the brain, the spinal cord and a complex nerve network reaching all areas of your body.