Chiropractic Care For Child- Is It Safe?


Chiropractic Care For Child- Is It Safe?


Children’s health is a serious concern for Canada today. Children are prone to the same liver problems and diseases as adults. Since their bodies and brains are rapidly growing and developing it is so extremely important for them to eat a balanced diet that supports healthy liver function.

Why is chiropractic care so important?

For infants, the labor and delivery process is physically stressful. Most infants experience pressure on their neck and spine when they are born. This causes trauma, or subluxations, of the tiny vertebra. If they have an adjustment directly after birth, it can prevent them from having spinal and neck problems in the future. The stability of an infant’s spine is a major factor in their physical development; therefore, regularly scheduled visits with a pediatric chiropractor is paramount for a child to maintain optimal health.

Children, just like adults, will get an initial consultation and full exam. This will let the chiropractor know what avenue of treatment will be most beneficial to him/her. The initial visit consists of filling out paperwork which includes his/her health history and the family medical history, X-rays and a complete physical exam. The chiropractor will then talk with you and your child about the results and devise a treatment plan that is tailored to your child’s specific needs.

If your child is on any form of medication for behavior or other health related issues, do not take them off of the medication unless your doctor gives permission. Always keep your doctor or pediatrician current on any changes you make in your child’s diet, supplements, and lifestyle so you can work together to improve your child’s health.

Children can also suffer unnoticed spinal subluxations from everyday activities like carrying backpacks, poor posture and working with computers. Most parents seek chiropractic care for their child to escape from an injury. Subluxations may occur at some time of an injury, but might not exactly cause immediate symptoms. A regular exam can identify potential spinal dysfunction resulting from most of these traumas, and help to avoid health problems that could show up later on as adults.