Chiropractic Care Is For Pets Too!

Alternative Pet Pain Therapies


Animal Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care is an alternative to drug therapy for suffering pets, and a form of preventative health care for well pets too. Treatment works by restoring the joints and spine to normal alignment and function. This alignment helps re-establish the body’s signals through the nervous system, eliminates stress to joints, and corrects displacement of the vertebra for more flexibility and proper movement.


The word “chiropractic” derives from the Greek language and means “to practice with the hands.” Chiropractors use their hands to apply an adjustment, which is a specific and gentle correction, to the affected joint. Most animals enjoy being adjusted and are relaxed during the treatment. After being adjusted, many owners report that their pet takes a nice long nap and then is more energetic and active!


Pets that Benefit from Chiropractic
All animals can benefit from chiropractic care. Common reasons that pets are seen for chiropractic treatments include:
• Sore pets — Those with symptoms of pain, such as limping, difficulty in climbing or jumping, favoring a leg or side of the body, moaning when attempting to move, and recoiling from touch
• Seniors — Older pets with stiff joints or age-related diseases such as arthritis
• Athletes — Working or competitive animals striving to maintain optimum condition
• Obese pets — Combined with an exercise and nutritional plan, these chiropractic patients are more comfortable while being restored to overall health and mobility
• Post-surgical pets — Combined with physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures, chiropractic is an effective way to promote a quick and full recovery


In addition, certain skin conditions, urinary problems, intestinal issues, and behavioral concerns related to pain may be improved or eliminated through chiropractic care.


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