Chiropractic treatment of knee osteoarthritis

knee-pain-treatmentOsteoarthritis is often seen as an inevitable part of aging. As it turns out, people younger than 65 may also develop osteoarthritis. Even though the majority of osteoarthritis patients are older, osteoarthritis is not a necessary facet of aging. Being overweight, having a family history, decreased bone density, a sedentary lifestyle, and previous joint problems are all risk factors for developing osteoarthritis.

Knee pain is most commonly related with over-stretching of ligaments or muscles as part of physical activity (during sports) or as part of injury. Osteoarthritis refers to inflammation of the knee joint as a result of long standing inflammation or wear and tear changes due to the aging process.

The primary pathology is deterioration of joint cartilage that prevents smooth movements across the joint surfaces. Chiropractic treatment of knee osteoarthritis is marked by pain and stiffness that affects normal day to day happenings and limited range of joint motion over time.

Formation of bone spurs further lead to a grating sensation and since the knee joint is the primary joint for motility of lower limbs, quality of life is significantly affected in patients of osteoarthritis. Chiropractors are very experienced in the physical therapy experts that understand the importance of quality or service excellence.


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