Clarington Chiropractic believe happy baby’s make happy mommy’s – Spinewise Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Did you know that seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can actually help you have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy, labor and delivery!


Our chiropractic care for pregnant women is completely safe, gentle, and can help you and your baby have a healthier delivery.  Our treatments make you more comfortable carrying a child in your third trimester and in a study done on women who received chiropractic care, it has been shown that their need for pain medication during delivery was half what other women were experiencing.



Many changes are made to a pregnant woman’s body in order to make an optimum environment for the growing child.  This includes changes to the mobility of her joints which in turn lends the spine to subluxations and herniated discs which can be very painful.  If subluxations are present before a woman is pregnant, than carrying a child can make it much worse.  A chiropractor can check to see if you have any conditions which would make pregnancy more painful as well as help you through any conditions during your pregnancy to ensure your health during this critical time in your life

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