Computerized Chiropractic Services –


Computerized Chiropractic Services –

computerized-chiropractic-servicesSpineWise computerized adjusting instrument is a very precise instrument used in the analysis and treatment of a wide ranges of musculoskeletal and joint problems.

The instrument is safe and effective for all ages from young to seniors because it uses precise computer controlled gentle impulses. No strong forces or twisting is required to produce the desired results of treatment. This computerized adjustment helps:

Computerized Technology is:

  • FDA Accepted Patented Technology
  • Precise Computer Analysis of Spinal Function
  • Easy to see and understand graphics to track problem areas and treatment progress
  • Computer aided treatment for unsurpassed accuracy and results
  • Analysis and treatment can be performed sitting, standing or lying down

If you are searching for SpineWise chiropractors in Bowmanville, Look at our website- At SpineWise Chiropractic, we offer two different styles of treatments: traditional adjustments, which are done by hand, and instrument adjustments, which are performed with the help of a computerized tool. Here is a quick look at the differences between these two methods.

Within recent years, computerized instruments have provided a new method of spinal adjustment. The underlying theory is still the same—the application of pressure to the affected joint in order to restore mobility and correct subluxations.