Custom Orthotics and Bracing in Bowmanville


Custom Orthotics and Bracing in Bowmanville

Custom Orthotics and Bracing in Bowmanville










Custom Orthotics

Many feet and ankle problems can be treated without surgery using an orthotic insert or a brace. An orthotic is a device placed in the shoe that externally modifies structure and function in order to minimize pain and correct deformity. Custom orthotics can also be made for specific shoes, sports activity, and foot type. The individual patient scan is easily done during an office visit and the custom orthotic will arrive within 10 -15 days.


Custom braces are sometimes needed to correct foot and ankle deformities. An off-the-shelf brace is often not strong enough to address certain problems (ankle instability, posterior tibial tendon insufficiency). Patients are scheduled for a specific appointment to have a mold taken of their ankle and foot. The best brace type is chosen for the patient’s individual problem and the mold is used to make the best possible brace for the patient. Most braces arrive within 2 weeks.

At Spinewise, we specialize in creating custom orthopedic braces designed to give our patients accelerated healing, exceptional support, and a revived sense of confidence when using the affected area.

Please call our office to make an appointment and start the process for your custom orthotic or bracing treatment.