Diagnosing Facet Joint Syndrome

facetjointsThere are facet joints in the human body. The joints in the spine are commonly called facet joints. Diseases in the Facet joint are one of the main reasons of the spinal pain (neck pain, back pain, low back pain).

The facet joints are the connections between the vertebrae of the spine. Just like the knee or elbow or any other joint in the body, they allow the spine to bend and twist. When diagnosing the source of the pain, a definitive answer can be elusive. History, physical examination, and imaging studies are often helpful; however, an exact pain generator is not always established.

Facet Joint Injections

If the patient is suspected of having pain in the facet joints of the lumbar spine, a pain management doctor will often perform a facet injection for diagnostic purposes. Diagnostic injections, called blocks, are often performed of the facet joint or its nerve supply to establish facet pain. Facet joint injections are the best pain management procedure.

Causes of Facet Joint Syndrome

1. Arthritis
2. Infection
3. Sports activities,such as gymnastics, where neck is extended
4. Whiplash Injury can cause the syndrome in the cervical area.
5. Degeneration of the joint
6. Poor posture which pushes the spine out of alignment
7. Inflammation

This condition can be very painful and disabling. Any and usually all movements are difficult and painful. This can come on suddenly or after an activity. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in correcting joint problems. Since every joint injury or joint pain will effect how your joints move chiropractors are a good specialist to speak to to help you resolve your problem.


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