Does reflexology really work?

Does reflexology really work?



Reflexology is an ancient practice also known as ‘zone therapy’. It involves massaging specific ‘zones’ of the hands and feet to promote healing and restore balance in other areas of the body.

Reflexology is thought to have its origins in ancient China and Egypt but was only introduced into the modern-day Western world by Dr. William Fitzgerald at the beginning of the 20th century. He upped ten zones or energy channels to the surface of the body which were considered to be paths along which a person, vital energy or ‘energy force’ flowed.

The zones ended at the hands and feet and so the application of pressure on these zones could relieve pain elsewhere in the body. This ‘zone therapy’ was further developed by Eunice Ingham in 1930 into which it is today known as reflexology.

How can reflexology help?

– Relieves stress
– Promotes peace and calm
– Helps to ease pain and tension
– Improves circulation
– Encourages restful sleep
– Boosts energy levels
– Aids natural healing

Please remember, reflexology is an alternative treatment that should be used in tandem with conventional healthcare treatments.


Nerve Function

As we age, the sensitivity of our nerve endings slows down too especially in our extremities. Through reflexology, more than 7,000 nerve endings are being connected in one session, increasing their reactivity and function.

One of the most-known and proven benefits of reflexology is an improvement in circulation. Increase in circulation means that blood and oxygen are distributed throughout the different parts of the body more efficiently. Because of proper oxygenation, the vital organ systems also perform certain vital functions properly which is essential in maintaining an overall health.

Pain Relief

Reflexology has been used widely as a treatment for mild to chronic pain. In a study conducted in the year 2000, 32 of the respondents expressed relief of pain after a foot massage. Reflexologists believed that the pain is caused by obstructions in meridians, and that said; reflexology restores the continuous flow of energy through stimulation of nerve endings.


Through the application of reflexology technique, neural pathways are being stimulated, allowing free flow of energy. That being said, a more relaxed state is realized. Moreover, through the same process, stress and anxieties are being eliminated as well, leading to a more positive mental health.

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