Effective Chiropractic Treatment For Scoliosis


What causes scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal alignment of the spine which can be seen in most age groups. It occure in 2-3% of children younger than 16 years old. Scoliosis is an extremely complex disease that can even affect the body down to its cellular level it is fortunately also quite treatable, if and when we approach it on holistic terms. One known but very rare cause of scoliosis is congenital. There are a lot of people who are born with the disease.

Scoliosis can also be caused by other types of illnesses that you have caught previously. For example, if you have a disorder where one of your legs is shorter than the other, it can affect your entire posture and consequently the shape of your spine. For more info, please visit https://www.spinewise.ca/scoliosis/.

Scoliosis Diagnosis and Chiropractic Treatment

the curvature of the spine is visually detectable, while others need special testing to make an accurate diagnosis. The chiropractor will also take a detailed history of the patient’s medical history, family’s medical history, as well as work-related and/or recreational/daily activities.

The methods of treatment depends on the severity of the disorder. A majority of patients who suffer from scoliosis, and have used chiropractic treatment, showed dramatic favorable results in the size of the spinal curves. Studies also showed that after chiropractic care patients saw an increase in overall stability and even a total correction of the spine.


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