Essential Diet guidelines for Detoxification

Diet guidelines for DetoxificationThere are many diet programs for Some programs for Detoxification. Some may require you to eat only fruits, some will include fruits and vegetables, some may even require you to take only juice or water.

These detox diet programs have different steps and guidelines but they have one and same reason which is to cleanse. For more info, visit

Weekly detox diet plan

1. The first day includes the fresh fruits and vegetable juices which gives more nutrients and keep your body healthy. This strengthens the immunity and flushes the toxins. Drink plenty of water to get hydrated.

2. Take potatoes for your breakfast since it has a rich source of potassium. You can add vegetables to it and make it as a salad.

3. Have some rice today along with some vegetable soup or tomato juice.

4.For breakfast, have a slice of bread with 1 spoon of cheese with a boiled egg. You can have macaroni or pasta today and could include unsweetened tea or coffee.

5. Have 1 slice of brown bread with little cheese for breakfast and have only fruits for the rest of the day. Avoid bananas and drink tons of water.

6. For breakfast, have a slice of bread with cheese, 1 tomato and a few slices of onion. Have a boiled beef or meat for lunch along with potato. Have a boiled fish, green salad and three tomatoes for dinner. Drink plenty of water.

7. slice of brown bread with little cheese for breakfast and have only vegetables for the rest of the day with plenty of water.

The program should be done for seven days, if ever there are any symptoms that resurface while taking the program, better consult the doctor. Before taking any type of detox diet, advice of medical practitioner is needed to help you decide on what type of program will best suit you.


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