Feel happy, Get Reflexology treatment by Spinewise


Feel happy, Get Reflexology treatment by Spinewise

Reflexology treatmentReflexology is a natural, gentle way to release toxins from the body. It is the applied using pressure on the feet or hands. This treatment is an effective way to alleviate stress. During the treatment pressure applied to the areas that affect the corresponding organs and provides health benefits. Reflexology allows body and mind to decompress and release energy flow. Thus, the body experiences great stamina and energy.

Reflexologists knows where to apply pressure to the specific areas to achieve health benefits. During the treatment, they sometimes use the wooden stick and rubber bands as well.

Studies by National Institutes of Health indicate that reflexology also works in reducing pain, psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and enhance relaxation. This treatment also offers benefits in palliative care for people with cancer as well. It can treat a variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and cancer as Reflexologists claim.

Is Reflexology treatment safe?

Reflexology is considered as the totally safe way to reduce stress and gain health benefits.It is well suited for persons of all ages, including children and seniors.

Spinewise medical clinic in Bowmanville has Certified Reflexologists, who are experts in their work and provide the best level of services to the patients.